Friday, August 5th, 2022

Diane will have to postpone her workout – Kyle wants to meet with me. Probably about Marchetti or Harrison, she gloats – sorry (not sorry) to leave you alone at your post; watching the world pass by. Phyllis feels like something spectacular is about to happen. Her phone pings – it’s Summer. How funny – she has a proposition for me. Toodles. Diane’s not so cocky now.

Back at Newman, Chance tells Nick and Vikki about the blank video footage. Other grainy footage of Ashland (supposedly) on route appeared to be more than one person. Footprints and a freshly smoked cigarette butt were found. Nick wants to cut to the chase. What about our account don’t you believe?

At TGP, Summer asks Phyllis how she’d like to oversee the launch of Marchetti’s new home decor and furnishings line? The only rule is ‘play nice’ with Diane – there’ll be some overlap with publicity. Phyllis is surprised to hear that her jokes aren’t always funny. Don’t start trouble, Summer’s serious; she and Kyle will be keeping an eye on both. Neither of us fully trusts that you won’t stir the pot.

A similar conversation is going on at Society. Diane chokes on her drink when hearing that Phyllis is coming to work at Marchetti. Will we be working together!? Sometimes (Kyle explains) She’s just doing this to sabotage me, Diane dials up the neurosis.

Nikki’s not ready to dance on Ashland’s grave – we welcomed him into the family; he was deceiving us the whole time. He’s not the only one good at deception, Victor mentions that they’ve almost come together as a family. The exception being Adam, Nikki knows that breaks Victor’s heart. For your own sake, put that dream behind you.

I’m on your side, Chance assures Nick and Vikki. If you killed Ashland and were covering it up, you wouldn’t have called me. How the hell did that ring fall out of Ashland’s pocket? If his body was moved, who would do that and why? Vikki wonders. Chance answers both questions; Your Father – to protect you.

Everyone knows what Victor’s capable of and how far he’d go to protect his family, Chance continues. Maybe you should talk to him. Chance is going to do just that. If you know anything and don’t come clean first you’ll be accessories after the fact. Is there anything else I need to know? Nick told Chance everything he knew that night. Interesting turn of phrase, Chance notes before leaving.

Summer tells her Mom that Kyle’s giving the same speech to Diane right now. Our concerns are not ‘unfounded’. Phyllis is excited by this new chapter in her life and sorry her jokes aren’t always funny. I’m doing this for you – for us – I have your back and accept your offer. Hugging Summer, she looks guilty.

Jack tells Traci that Diane’s doing a great job relating to Kyle and Harrison but won’t go so far as saying she’s changed. Some people just can’t (Phyllis) and that makes those who can even more impressive in his eyes.

Will I be reporting to her? Diane squawks. Will she have the power to fire me!? No – you won’t be working with her (for the most part) Kyle adds that Summer’s giving her Mom the same speech. Be civil or there’ll be consequences. Diane rants about Phyllis suddenly coming onboard. Can you at least see she’s being the aggressor!? Phyllis wouldn’t give up a business she OWNS to come work for you and Summer unless she had an ulterior motive. If she attacks can I at least defend myself!?

Agreeing to drop the subject of Adam, Victor gets a call that Chance is on his way up to the house – just routine questions he’s sure. This will all be over soon. Nikki looks forward to celebrating that.

Kyle informs that he and Summer will be monitoring both their Mothers. Is this a test?! Diane panics some more. I believe in you – coexisting with Phyllis will show all the doubters that you’ve changed, he adds.

Nikki joins Phyllis to hear the latest update on Operation Diane Jenkins. It’ll be tricky – Summer and Kyle will be watching me. The minute I cause trouble with Diane I’m out. Are you having second thoughts? Nikki asks.

Summer joins Kyle at Society. Both update on their respective Mother’s reactions. They need to behave like responsible adults. Summer loves his optimism ~ kiss ~

At CL’s, Diane rants to Jack – she wishes Kyle could see that Phyllis is trying to destroy what she’s working hard to build. Jack knows ‘that look’ – you’re feeling cornered. Whatever’s swimming in that head of yours, knock it off.

Committed to burying Diane, Phyllis tells Nikki that she’ll be heading the home fashion division at Marchetti. Diane will be toiling in her jr publicist position while I’m in the executive suite. That will be enough to make her self-destruct, Nikki thinks. We’re gonna get this bitch out of town, Phyllis vows.

Back at Newman, Vikki blames Nick for forcing Dad to share what he’d done. Now we don’t have plausible deniability. Nick’s worried – Chance won’t leave it alone. But he’s married to Abby, Vikki doubts he’ll go after the family. Dad put himself at risk, and us, Nick’s sure Chance won’t turn a blind eye.

Chance sits across the chess board from Victor. I’m sure you know more than you’re saying. Now’s the time to be straight with me.

My Thoughts: Are we really expected to believe that Johnny and Katie give a rats ass that their ‘stepfather’ died? They barely knew him…. I guess Victor and Nikki aren’t as thrilled with all the kids’ noise as they claim – why else would they be shunting them off on the stablehands so soon after their return from boarding school?.. How condescending of Victor – telling ‘My baby’ – with ‘all due respect’ that her opinions are ‘utter nonsense’ … If Diane doesn’t agree with who the Marchetti bosses hire, perhaps she should take her vast experience and knowledge of public relations elsewhere ….Odd that only that tiny 10 foot section of the park is used. Jack should be standing/cheering with a gaggle of soccer Moms. They usually run alongside the field, not standing rooted between two cement benches. If Jack coaches, he might actually need to get a bit closer (and put on a pair of Mom-jeans) And did he really use a stunt double to kick the ball in?