Monday, August 8th, 2022

At Newman, Vikki’s silence tells Nikki that she’s in on her Father’s secret – and she thinks she knows what it is.

Nick updates Sharon that he told Vikki about Victor staging Ashland’s accident. Yes, she had been through something similar with JT. Dad protected us and now we have to protect him, Nick decides – unless he comes clean.

Sitting across from one another at the chess board, Chance thinks Ashland’s body was carried out of Vikki’s house, to protect her and Nick. Interesting theory, Victor’s non-committal.

When Chloe rushes into Sally’s office to excitedly share her idea that involves their library of graphic novels, movies and video games, Sally’s too emersed in flashbacks of Adam.

At Society, Adam claims to have finally learned his lesson with the Newmans and has no plans for the future. Knowing Adam as he does, Jack’s sure him having no focus is NOT a good thing.

Agreeing to join Jack for a bite, Adam admits he is bitter about his Father’s rejection and mad that he didn’t see it coming. Sally supported you – maybe that’s why you got your hopes up, Jack opines.

Chloe snaps her fingers in Sally’s face – low blood sugar? Lack of sleep? Sally’s distracted. Don’t let Adam or the memory of Adam steal this opportunity from you. Sally worries she can’t do the job without Adam (but Chloe’s pep talk works)

Back at CL’s, Nick relays Chance’s theory that Victor moved Ashland’s body and staged the accident. Sharon knows he seeks justice in the same way Rey did – but what will Chance do when it involves his wife’s family?

No footprints, no blood trail, no sign of Ashland on the gas station cameras. Chance’s team did find footage elsewhere; it’s grainy but shows multiple people in the car – and a cigarette butt. Victor thinks it simple – that bastard died in a car accident. Move on to another investigation.

Chance will keep digging – my Dad will keep denying, Nick knows something will have to give. Yes, he’s mad; so mad he almost told Chance what his Father did. Sharon thinks Nick’s having a normal reaction to what HE did.

Victor rants about Ashland; dead as a doornail; a liar, a fraud. Chance knows that Victor’s covered up a fatal accident to cover up one of his children before. Yes, Adam – but Victor did that decades ago. He doesn’t care if Chance won’t give up. I have nothing else to say.

Back at Newman, Nikki’s been told all. I KNEW Victor was involved! Vikki adds that Chance has suspicions but no evidence. He was at the ranch with Victor when I left. I have to get back home, she bolts.