Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Abby drops by the ranch to ask Nikki how Vikki’s doing. She’s sure Chance will end the investigation soon. What’s there to investigate?

Love you, Devon ends a call as Elena arrives at the office to ask him a personal question – about Nate.

Imani joins Nate on the CL’s patio – she’s flying back to see her Mom later. You’ll get through it, Nate knows just what to say to make Imani feel better. She’ll miss having him to lean on when she’s gone.

On the GCAC patio, Tessa’s still resting her voice (and using a computer automated voice that sounds like GPS; though Mariah finds it sexy) When Marchetti comes up, Tessa’s automated voice won’t let him change the subject.

Inside CL’s, Diane tells Summer that she’s surprised Phyllis wants to make a gigantic career move – but it won’t be a problem – not on my end.

At Society,Jack and Billy debate Adam working for Jabot. You seem fine with giving Diane a second chance, Jack notes. Billy feels that some people deserve a second chance. Some don’t. On cue, they look up to see Phyllis staring at them.

Devon doesn’t feel he’s the best person to talk about Nate. Elena thinks he may be a bit touchy because of her history with Devon. She cares about their relationship and regrets the damage she caused. Is there anything I can do to help fix things?

Back on the patio, Nate reminds that their company is built on family – we’re supposed to stick by each other no matter what. Imani’s not sure that Nate’s family is sticking by him.

On the rooftop, Kyle’s got a lot on his plate – Harrison – and preventing his and Summer’s mothers from starting WW3. Mariah sends Tessa to get drinks so she can ask Kyle for a really big favour.

Adams fangs are sharp and poisonous, Billy warns Jack against hiring that viper. When Phyllis approaches, Jack has to get going. That’s OK – Phyllis is here to discuss business with Billy (re: Lily’s offer to buy TGP) After Jack finally leaves, Billy’s stunned to hear that Phyllis and Diane will both be working at Marchetti.

Phyllis assures Billy that she can work at the same company as Diane – we’re in different departments. She won’t let her daughter down and can handle Diane professionally. Billy will enjoy popcorn while watching that. TGP isn’t some side hustle (like a podcast) She’s interested in Lily’s offer. Billy sees two ways this can go – Phyllis is a fool to sell her hotel to work for Summer OR you have a plan for Diane.

Summer makes it clear that Marchetti isn’t a place to hash out personal grievances. Diane agrees but hasn’t it occurred to you that your Mother’s sudden, drastic career move is tied to her hatred for me?