Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Back on the GCAC rooftop, Mariah’s worried about Tessa – imagine how frustrating it must be not to be able to talk or sing. Tessa’s a huge fan of Marchetti. Yes, Kyle will need models. Then who better than a hot singing star? Mariah thinks it makes perfect sense.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Abby how hard this all is on Vikki. Yes, it would be better for everyone if Chance closed his investigation.

Of course Summer has suspicions but yes, hired her Mother anyway. She and Kyle gave the same speech to both and will be watching both. You don’t have to worry about me, Diane hopes Phyllis can find a way to forgive her – maybe this whole thing is a miracle in disguise.

Phyllis is excited about her new gig and is over her hatred for Diane; hatred that cost her lasting happiness with Jack. Happiness she may never find again. Boy, you’re definitely up to something, Billy ain’t fooled.

What’s going on between Nate and me has nothing to do with you, Devon assures Elena. He feels partly to blame for throwing Nate into the deep end expecting him to swim. Elena gently points out that Nate isn’t some wet-behind-the-ear college grad, he shouldn’t be treated as one. Since Nate can’t embrace the hierarchy, Devon’s beginning to think it was a mistake to bring him onboard.

Let me be here for you for a change – what’s going on? Imani asks. Nate holds nothing back – Devon wants to get me a mentor. A mentor!? Imani’s indignant – Devon needs to give you time to prove yourself.

Kyle thinks Mariah might be on to something. Summer did say she wanted a fresh face to usher in the new era of Marchetti. He’ll talk to her. Mariah’s just glad he’ll consider it. Tessa comes back with the drink. She types into her gadget – what’s going on with you two?

When Diane suggests she and Phyllis might be able to bond at Marchetti, Summer thinks she’s laying it on a bit thick. She’s not sure Phyllis can forgive her – or Jack. He’s keeping the peace for Harrison’s sake. Summer also warns Diane not to manipulate Jack as you have in the past. She’s as protective of him as she is of Kyle. If you pull anything at all, you’ll have to contend with me.

Cut the phony denials, Billy speaks as an ex-lover, semi-friend – let it go. Even if you win you’ll still lose in the end. There’s always collateral damage – this time it’ll be Summer. It’ll never be Summer – she won’t be near the line of fire (if there was one) Billy then drops the bomb that Jack offered Adam a job at Jabot.

Billy was just as surprised that Jack’s giving Adam Kyle’s CEO job. If he takes the job and if he’s involved in Marchetti whose side do you think Adam will take? Billy adds. Diane’s! Phyllis is sure. Nikki calls – we have to meet!

Back on the patio, Imani thinks it ridiculous that Devon thinks Nate a ‘screwup’. Nate does feel like Devon’s holding him back. If he overstepped it was due to enthusiasm not arrogance. Of course, Imani sides with Nate over Devon.

Abby and Devon chat at Society about Chance investigating Ashland’s car crash. She feels like he’s keeping something from her.

At the ranch, Phyllis gripes about Ashley not being part of the team. Nikki wants details of Phyllis’ plan. You don’t trust me? No, Nikki does not.

Of course Abby trusts Chance to do the right thing, she’s just worried about her sister. Devon’s turn to share news – Amanda’s with her comatose Mother. Things have been tense at Chancellor Winters. Abby knows it can be hard working with family – she credits Devon with two of the three things she loves the most; her work and Dominic.

In Imani’s opinion, Nate shouldn’t take a step back, ‘you need to turn up the heat’. Devon doesn’t value your work. Slow and steady won’t win him over. Take the bull by the horns like you did at the launch party. Go bigger – something that demands attention and respect.

On the rooftop, Mariah and Tessa insist they were just catching up. When Summer arrives, Mariah thinks it time she and Tessa go (hinting that they have things to talk about) Summer tells Kyle that Diane’s spinning this fantasy that my Mom will forgive her. Both hope for the best.

Guess what – I don’t trust you and Ashley either, Phyllis quips. Nikki’s lack of trust is sort of a compliment – she worries she’ll back down because of Summer. But the best way to keep her safe is to get Diane out of town. Phyllis doesn’t appreciate the backhanded compliment. I’m the only one doing anything – keep your opinions to yourself.

Jack’s glad to run into Diane at CL’s. The books she got for Harrison are helping him deal with the loss of ‘Father’. Thank you for the thoughtful gift. Diane’s left to look smitten.