Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

At CL’s, Chance tells Vikki that he’d like nothing more than to close the book on this thing. Then why don’t you put an end to this investigation right now? Vikki challenges.

Abby’s shocked that Adam frequents her restaurant since he’s cutting ties with the family. He doesn’t have issues with her. She doesn’t have issues with him – but soon guesses correctly that he has an agenda. Busted – Adam would like to talk about Ashland’s death.

Sally’s so busy playing hardball on the phone that she doesn’t notice Victor entering her office. We should talk, he says.

Now seated, Vikki scoffs at Chance’s notion that her Father faked Ashland’s car accident. You have no evidence to back it up. Surely, you wouldn’t charge Nick with murder, would you? On cue, Nick appears.

What’s going on? Nick comes over to ask. Chance appreciates Vikki’s bluntness when she repeats her question. Nick pulls up a chair – both would like an answer. Chance wants to know what happened between the time Ashland was knocked out and the time he was found dead in his car. The more brazenly defiant they are, the more he’s convinced they’re covering up for their Father.

Chatting at Society’s bar, Adam and Abby both hope Vikki gets closure soon. Adam comments that Victor’s not broken up about Ashland’s death and that Chance has doubts about the ‘accident’. That raises questions for Adam – and he gets the sense it does for Abby too.

Back at Newman Media, Victor’s disappointed that Sally wasn’t able to convince Adam to stay. She is too but this opportunity means a lot. I’m sure it does, Victor mumbles. That’s what he’s there to talk about.

Victor’s pleased that Sally’s handling the Locke story with restraint and discretion. When he hopes that she can prove herself and stay in this position, Sally wonders if that’s a compliment or a warning. I’ll let you get back to work – have a nice day, Victor leaves.

Confirming that Adam enjoyed his breakfast, Abby asks what Chance told him. Not much, but he heard enough – Kevin’s been brought on to the case. Abby doesn’t know much. That’s because you’re as much out of the loop as I am, Adam suggests they team up; share any info one of them might hear. Deal? Abby nods.

Nobody wanted Ashland to die but Nick would defend his sister again in a heartbeat. He and Vikki have no reason not to believe that Ashland drove his car into that ravine. What more do you need to hear to accept it? When Abby calls Chance to meet her at the park, he apologizes. Anything else? Vikki asks. Nope, you’ve said more than enough, Chance leaves Vikki and Nick looking nervous.

Moving to the patio, Vikki thinks Chance is sympathetic but has to do the right thing. Nick thinks that wishful thinking. Vikki’s sure Chance will put family first. Nick decides to report back to Dad. Vikki has something to tell Nick first, so he’s prepared.