Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Chelsea drops by CW wanting to go over podcast ideas. After some jokes, she pressures Billy HARD for getting the boys together for a playdate. You’re never gonna change your stance with me regarding Johnny, are you?

At Society, Elena’s annoyed that it’s taking so long to get her out of her contract with Newman Media. Nate calls Sally over – he hasn’t had a chance to reschedule their meeting. Reschedule? No, Sally didn’t have to cancel a dinner meeting with Nate and Imani last minute. Hmmmmmmm.

On the GCAC rooftop, Summer knows Nate has something to tell her. He has a great idea for Marchetti – nothing to do with their Mothers feud.

At CL’s, Tessa’s type-to-voice app gets confusing for Mariah – so she writes on her whiteboard – go to work. I’m fine.

All caps, Mariah notes but doesn’t believe that Tessa’s fine. We can sense each others feelings. She feels everything Tessa does.

Updating that Tessa’s music career’s on hold, Kyle pitches her as the new face of Marchetti. Summer agrees it’s a good idea but doesn’t get along with Mariah. Kyle really wants Tessa to be the face of Marchetti.

My kids are dealing with Ashland’s death, Billy wants to change the subject. Vikki and I have raised Johnny the way you wanted. He’s my biological son, Chelsea protests. The agreement has worked for years, Billy suspects this is about something else.

Sitting with Elena and Nate, Sally checks her phone – no, there wasn’t a meeting planned. Nate broaches the subject of breaking her contract with Newman Media. Sally balks at Nate poaching talent Newman Media has under contract. Why would I let that happen?

Chelsea explains being in a dark place – and how happy she is doing the podcasts. Would it be so terrible if Johnny was told I’m his Mother? We had an agreement, Billy points out. Johnny and Connor deserve to have a bond, Chelsea concludes. Billy will have a conversation with Vikki – but now let’s go for lunch.

Tessa looks nervous when Kyle and Summer appear at CL’s – they’re there to see her.

Back at Society, Elena thinks another doctor could replace her – she’s even compiled a list. No, she’s not unhappy doing askMDnow. The audience doesn’t like change, Sally also touts Elena’s talent. Nate jots down a figure; incentive to release Elena from her contract. Sally will be sad to see her go. Best of luck. Nate will send over the paperwork. It was a pleasure doing business with you, all agree.