Friday, August 12th, 2022

At the ranch, Nick grumbles about lying to Chance’s face; he’s a good guy. Nikki relays Victor’s confidence that the police won’t find proof that the accident was staged. Nick thinks his Dad’s actions are a huge mistake. Victor appears – I will not have this conversation again.

Kevin rushes into the CL’s patio to tell Chance that he has something new to show him – it’s a game changer.

After a shopping spree, Mariah and Faith are at CL’s with Sharon – they’ve bought lots of stuff for Faith’s dorm room. Tessa comes in to quietly announce that she can talk, but just a little. Amazing! Mariah gives her a hug.

After a working lunch, Summer (Marchetti) insists on paying the check. Now it’s off to HR and to show Phyllis her office. Both want her to succeed. Again, Summer warns her to stay away from Phyllis.

Jack and Diane sit on a park bench, enjoying watching Harrison play with his friends. When Jack goes to round up toys, Diane’s left to smile adoringly. What’s that look on your face about? Kyle appears to ask.

Abby delivers some of Vikki’s favourites from Society. She’s grateful as she spends so much time at her desk. Asking how Vikki is, Abby hears that her sister is happy to feel safe. You know, don’t you? Vikki asks rhetorically – what else happened that night.

Kevin breathes down Chance’s neck as he looks at footage Kevin was able to restore – it shows a guy getting into Ashland’s car. He’s smoking and he’s not Ashland.

Nick steps aside to take a business call. The family listens as he bullies someone on the Riley project. That’s what the Newmans do, Victor seems proud but hopes Nick won’t let his self-righteous indignation interfere in anything in the future.

Told you it was a game changer. Tablet in hand, Chance (and Kevin) hurry out – let’s see if it’s enough.

All are happy that the doctor gave Tessa the OK to talk. Since Mariah has to get back to work, Faith and Sharon are tasked with taking care of Tessa. Mariah does marketing and PR; there’s a bunch of new hires, including Diane. She’s a hard worker but yes, it’s weird.

Diane claims that her smile is due to Kyle letting her into his life. When Jack returns, Kyle’s amused to see Harrison’s grandparents together. Unsettled by his parents’ banter, Kyle tells Diane it’s time they get back to work and when Jack goes a separate way, he notices the same dreamy smile as Diane watches Jack’s exit.