Thursday, August 25th, 2022

In Vikki’s office, Victor was very impressed with Vikki’s video conference but as for the acquisitions, be careful.

In the park, Chance is done playing games with Adam – the Locke case is closed. Having seen evidence that implicates Victor, Adam tells Chance he better right this wrong. It’d be pretty bad if it came out that you covered up a crime for your Father in law.

Why wasn’t the DNA evidence followed up on? Adam’s curious. Chance is curious as to where he got this information. Maybe Adam found a laptop that a police lackey left on a bench. Did Victor intimidate you into looking the other way? No, and Chance won’t be intimidated now.

Lily’s summoned Devon and Nate to her office to make sure they’re all on the same page. Nate has something to discuss but let’s wait for Billy.

Whoa. Holding Chelsea at arms length, Billy’s sorry if he gave her the wrong impression – that was a mistake.

Chance is disappointed that Adam’s fallen back into his old ways. For the sake of vengeance, he’s alienating his family – pushing Sally away – threatening a cop after getting your hands on a police laptop. Adam just wants the truth to come out. You used to believe in the truth.

Of course Vikki will consult with her Father as she moves forward. When Nick stops by the office, she takes a jab at Victor as she huffs out. What do you think about your sister’s demeanor? Victor left to ask.

Billy won’t be joining us, Lily informs that he’s doing his last podcast and will be solely focussing on being CW’s COO. Nate’s been doing some research about starting their own music festival. Devon shifts in his seat, clearly pissed.

Though Billy thinks they should discuss it, Chelsea wants to pretend that moment didn’t happen. Welcome to a sad day in the world of podcasts, she immediately begins recording.

It takes nerve showing your face in this building – but Sally’s open to hearing whatever Adam came to say. He’s sorry for what happened between them. You’re the only one I can open up to. If there’s something you need to get off your chest, you can talk to me, Sally invites.

Devon doesn’t think it the right time to take a big swing at something that could be a miss. Lily finds the idea interesting. Nate finds Devon’s decision unnecessarily defensive and too conservative – but it’s your call, I have a meeting to get to, he leaves Devon to shake his head at Lily.

Chelsea talks about Billy leaving the podcast to focus on his day job. This has been an amazing experience, Billy thanks his listeners. Goodbye for now. Chelsea clicks the off button – that was good, right? It was great, Billy agrees.

Nick thinks Vikki’s strong and focused. Victor wonders about her eagerness to make so many acquisitions. Ashland humiliated her – she loved him, Nick adds that she’s got a lot to prove to herself. Victor hopes she proves herself in spades.

Sally wonders how Adam stumbled upon a police report. That’s not the important part – there’s evidence against Victor that needs to come out, Adam insists. Sally isn’t happy to realize that he’s using her to get this evidence out. Adam just wants her to publish the truth – my Dad’s cover-up.

Lily reminds Devon that he did think it was a good enough idea to do some research on. And that’s what Nate did. Can you at least look at the data? Devon doesn’t have a problem with that, or a problem with Nate. He just doesn’t want to risk the company’s stability by exceeding their grasp.

We OK? We’re good, Chelsea promises – let’s never bring it up again, please. It IS the best way to handle it. She doesn’t want to do the podcasts anymore. It wouldn’t be the same. What will you do next? That’s something she’ll have to figure out by herself.

On the CL’s patio, Chance tells Nick that someone got their hands on ALL the evidence. Who? Adam.