Friday, August 26th, 2022

At NW, Nick maintains his poker face as an excited Chloe and Sally alternate babbling out their ‘bold’ ideas to ‘go big’ and expand to the International market. Whaddaya think?

In the park, Chelsea then Adam drop the facade. Come clear, who wants to go first? she asks.

Amused by Jack humming around the living room, Traci asks what’s got him so ‘chipper’ – your grandson or someone else?

At Society, Diane’s surprised when Nikki’s almost friendly. Am I about to get his with a pie or should I brace myself for something worse?

In Phyllis’ suite, Talia’s impressed with the hotel. Phyllis sadly reports that she sold it. She’s working at Marchetti – and yes, it’s strategic and very justified.

Nick really likes what he heard – you two make a good team. Chloe gives all credit to Sally ‘our fearless leader’, then leaves them to speak privately as requested – about Adam.

Chelsea reluctantly spills first – she just recorded her last podcast. Billy’s not a ‘jerk’ – he offered to find me a new co-host. Yeah, her career’s in limbo – everything gets yanked away from her. Adam can sure relate to that. Chelsea recognizes his ‘pure rage’.

Jack’s thrilled that Kyle and Summer are back, there’s good things happening at Jabot, and my family is at peace. Traci believes he’s in the process of forgiving Diane.

Her ‘laissez faire’ attitude questioned, Nikki claims that her life is too full to be bothered with Diane (who keeps trying to bait her) You’ll self-sabotage and leave GC in disgrace without any help from me, Nikki smiles sweetly. Diane takes a seat – she’s sure Nikki and Phyllis are up to something.

Yes, Nikki’s in on the plan. Phyllis tells Talia that Diane’s in way over her head at Marchetti. She’s going to screw up and get fired.

Not everything is about you, Nikki’s smile remains in place as she calls Diane a narcissist and explains that Phyllis just wants to work with her daughter. Diane won’t be fooled by Nikki saying ‘mean things’ about Phyllis. You’re paranoid, Nikki says that nobody thinks about Diane at all.

Noah and Ally are at the house – with great news for Traci and Jack.