Monday, August 29th, 2022

The Newmans are your family too, Abby hopes Chance isn’t having second thoughts. Disappointed when Chance is called away to close Rey’s last open case, Abby suggests a family getaway. Chance agrees to think about it before escaping.

Son, sit down and join us, Victor invites. Adam declines but will pick up their lunch tab to show that there’s no hard feelings. He isn’t coming after the family and will focus on his own life. Though Vikki asks Nick if he’s buying it, it’s Victor who jumps in to say that he’ll handle it.

Dom’s asleep in his stroller when Devon returns for his tablet. Abby confides that Chance doesn’t put family first in the way she’s used to. Devon pointing out that Chance isn’t like Victor – he also prioritizes holding law-breakers accountable. That doesn’t seem to make Abby feel any better.

No fan of being alone, Sally asks how Sharon handles it. No need to apologize, Sharon’s alone but not lonely, thanks mostly to the people in her life. Yes, like Nick. He’s a good man.

Vikki and Victor gone, Nick joins Adam at the bar to ask why he’s changed his mind. Adam had a conversation with someone who convinced him that revenge is the wrong path. He only has issues with Dad, not Nick. One wrong move and Dad will turn on you too, he warns. Nick doesn’t like the way Dad handled him accidentally killing Ashland and really hopes Adam has had a change of heart.

Chelsea’s on the GCAC rooftop, when Billy emails her their last podcast. She’s not impressed to hear Billy saying that goodbyes can lead to new beginnings. With a sigh, she calls Connor to say how much she misses him.

After taking some test photos for Marchetti, Mariah and Tessa have another reason for being happy today. After Dom’s party, they’ve decided to proceed with adopting. Sharon hugs them both – she can’t wait for this new chapter.

Back at the office, Victor will admit to Vikki and only Vikki that he’s made a few deals after drinking Tequila. She’s so grateful he risked everything to protect them ~hug~ Victor wishes her brothers felt the same way. Nick does deep down, Vikki can’t say the same for Adam. Victor will always protect her, ‘even if it’s from one of our own’.

Back at Society, Adam concludes that Victor’s actions deprived them both of processing the fact that they killed a man. It’s a hard thing to overcome; made me the man I am today. Is that what you want? Cue the ominous music as Nick’s left to look uncomfortable.

My Thoughts: Dominic is adorable. His real Daddy must be in the wings waving at him… I guess he’ll be able to open his 18th birthday time capsule in around 4 years … Are we expected to believe that Rey would have closed all of his cases so quickly if he were alive? Chance must be one helluva detective. Are the other detectives closing cases at record speed? GC’s crime rate must have been really hign – and is now really low. What poor Abby should be pouting about is being left to take down all those decorations. And surely she sees the irony of her family-first family choosing to work and drink champagne at her restaurant instead of attending her son’s first birthday party. And where are all the Abbotts? Family first my ass … Would it kill them to make another park set? Has the set-design team forgotten that they have the park cafe tables and chair sets in storage? I wish Sally or Ally would come jogging through. Has Ally even met Abby? Family first, family first! …. Nice that a sleeping Dom is watching Devon’s tablet but who’s watching Dom? The word ‘kidnap’ was used just an hour ago!