Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

At Society, Nick jokes about Abby not inviting him to Dom’s bday party. Are you OK? he’s concerned.

Ending her call with Connor, Chelsea’s almost in tears when Chance shows up on the rooftop – are you OK?

Ally and Noah are naked and cuddling/joking in bed.

Chance insists on joining Chelsea at the bar.

Adam’s at Jabot to accept Jack’s job offer. Welcome aboard, Jack shakes his hand.

Abby reassures a conflicted Nick – you’re a good person; you did what you had to. Chance is struggling with his decision too, she confides.

Chelsea and Chance bond over their mental health issues and love for their sons. She doesn’t know what she’d do without Connor.

How will your family react? They aren’t exactly friends of mine, Adam understates. When Billy comes in, he quickly guesses what’s going on.

When Jack needs to take a call, Adam and Billy step into the hallway to have a few words. No, Billy does not want to go for a celebratory drink (though that’s why he came to Jack’s office) He’s left alone, thirsty and pissed.

Nick hopes Chance’s decision won’t come between him and Abby. It’ll be OK ~hug~

Chance has to get going – my appointment just showed up. Chelsea’s left to look like she might have a new target.

Ally and Noah are spooning so can’t see each other’s faces when she tentatively asks about his last relationship.

Now face to face again, Noah tells Ally that he had ‘weird glitches’ with the ex he thought he loved. Ally hasn’t dated many guys – but Noah’s by far the best. He wants to leave the past in the past ~kiss~