Monday, August 29th, 2022

At CL’s, Chelsea thanks Adam for cheering her up. He appreciates her advice on his Father and rethinking Jack’s job offer. Watching for a moment before entering, Sally marches on over to annoy them both.

In the office, Nick and Vikki are both concerned about Adam being on the warpath. She thinks Sally may be the key – we should have her pretend to be on Adam’s side – let him think she’ll publish his expose. Use Sally as a pawn? Absolutely not, Nick refuses.

Of course Dominic’s first birthday party is being held in Chancellor Park, with decorations and gifts galore. Abby hands out cards for a time capsule to be opened when Dom turns 18. Write down your best memory of his first year, she instructs. Dom on her knee, Mariah (and Tessa) think it a great idea (Chance, not so much)

Mariah, then Tessa, then Devon read their touching notes to 18-year-old Dom. Abby’s favourite day was when Daddy came home to meet you. That’s Chance’s too.

We can’t use Sally, Nick points out that she’s loyal and still hurting from the breakup. Vikki agrees but does NOT want Nick’s secret to be exposed. He grumbles that all this talk of protecting him is making him understand Adam.

Sally takes the hint and leaves Adam to say ‘sorry about that’ and again compliment and thank Chelsea. He’s barely out the door when Sally comes over to remark that Chelsea ‘certainly didn’t waste any time’.

It’s obvious to Chelsea that Sally’s hurt and lashing out. Your relationship was lust while Adam and I share a deep connection and a child. Sally’s left near tears when Sharon pops up to say ‘it’s hard to let go of him, isn’t it?’

After Mariah, Tessa and Devon leave for work, Abby comments on how quiet Chance has been. Did the time capsule remind you of the time you missed with Dom or is something else bothering you?

Frustrated with Dad, Nick empathizes with Adam. Vikki does NOT. She’s ranting about him when Victor makes his presence known – let’s celebrate putting this behind us.

Sharon knows that Sally’s more upset about losing Adam than Chelsea rubbing it in her face. It is possible to get over him, I’m proof. Yeah, maybe Adam IS still trying to protect her but Sally now realizes that Victor will always be his primary relationship.

Outside Society, Adam leaves a message for Jack, then looks in to see his siblings and Dad toasting to the bright future of Newman Enterprises. But, when Victor makes another toast in honour of Ashland Locke being history, Nick’s clearly not happy about it.

No, Chance wasn’t hurt – he enjoyed the picnic and creating memories as a family. He’s just got things on his mind. When Abby won’t let it go, Chance admits that he’s struggling with the decision he made. And if he can’t talk to her about it, who can he talk to?