Thursday, September 1st, 2020

At CL’s, Faith and her parents are going over her checklist. Adam asks what he walked in on. Your kidney’s going to college today, she informs.

Nikki and Victor talk about Faith going off to school – then Talia being in town to do a story on Ashland. But, she’ll be doing a ‘beautiful hatchet job’ on Diane instead.

Phyllis is enjoying her meal at Society and her job at Marchetti – but when Summer mentions Talia, it dawns on her – you don’t trust me, do you?

Back at the ranch, Nikki hopes Talia’s story will embarrass Diane so much that she leaves town. Victor’s OK with her ‘blowing Diane out of the water’ – as long as it doesn’t affect Kyle, Summer and Harrison.

Summer suspects her Mother’s up to something – but she and Kyle agreed to stop babysitting her and Diane. Mentioning that she was the one to convince Jack to invest, Summer’s determined to protect the integrity of Marchetti.

Meanwhile, at Jabot, Kyle isn’t happy to hear that Adam’s replacing him but agrees to stay optimistic. He’d like his Dad’s help planning a wedding. For who? Jack wonders.

Adam congratulates Faith (who thanks him for making this day possible) Sharon and Nick will be forever grateful. When Sharon goes to pour Adam a coffee, she learns that Adam’s going to work with Jack and brings up Sally; who arrives on cue to have a stare-off with Adam.

Phyllis just wants to do a good job at Marchetti. With confidence, she tells Summer that Diane will implode all on her own – and she won’t shed a tear over it.

Kyle wants to plan a wedding at the house. Jack would be honoured to help. What’s this about a ‘celebration’? Diane appears to ask.

When Adam takes Sally onto the patio, she knows he wants to talk to her about something other than his niece going to college – what’s going on?