Friday, September 2nd, 2022

At the house, Kyle and Traci do a terrible job trying to pretend they’re discussing hockey when Summer comes down to wonder what they’re keeping from her.

On the GCAC rooftop, Adam asks Nick how he’s doing – he’s genuinely concerned – how are you dealing with the situation.

On the CL’s patio, Nikki and Phyllis give Talia’s first installment a rave review. Diane won’t be able to deal with the public scrutiny so will leave town. Talia surprises them by saying a lot of ‘leads’ are being called in – then is stunned to get notice from her editor that she’s to drop the investigation.

At Jabot, Diane gets a text saying that the articles have been killed. You owe me.

In the park for a picnic, it seems that Abby’s brought the wrong picnic basket. She and Chance will be eating goldfish and apples slices while Louise has been sent to the zoo with vintage wine and French delicacies.

Nick claims he’s fine. He knows he’ll get through it. Adam thinks he can speed up the process if he talks to someone. Like a therapist?

Assuming that Kyle and Traci were discussing the article, Summer’s left to show Kyle. My Mother must be mortified, he’s concerned.

At Jabot, Diane’s near tears as she downplays the ‘unkind’ things she did. Unkind things? People suffered from your actions and there’s no way to spin that. Diane knows who’s behind it. Jack guesses correctly. How is that right? Diane whines.

This article serves one purpose- to hurt me personally and embarrass Summer and Kyle. It could undermine all the progress we’ve made. Don’t let this derail you, Jack encourages. Thanking him, Diane leaves to Re-read her last text.

Adam’s advice is for Nick to ask Sharon for a recommendation. It worked for me. Good to know, Nick doesn’t want to rehash what happened with a stranger. Warning of inner demons, Adam leaves by saying ‘God forbid you turn out like me’.

At the office, Sally isn’t happy that Chloe went to Adam. Chloe’s not happy that Adam went straight back to Sally. What did he ask for? Chloe’s sure it’s something. Forgiveness, Sally replies.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis mocks Diane and takes no responsibility for Talia’s story. Sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t get the reaction you want, Diane vows. Phyllis is glad the entire world knows what a vile person you are and always have been. Talia should win an award. Phyllis makes a few kissing noises. Kyle watches her sashay off and his Mother looking frustrated.