Monday, September 5th, 2022

Imani’s back at CW (played by a new actress) Amanda’s staying with Naya. It’s really good to see you, Nate says with sincerity. It’s good to be seen, Imani replies.

In the park, Chelsea relives kissing Billy; him saying it was a mistake. Billy comes by for some awkward chit-chat. He’s glad he ran into her, Billy has a few things he wants to talk about.

At Society, Mariah and Tessa are disappointed that the adoption lawyer deemed them too ‘sketchy’ to be adoptive parents.

At CL’s, Nick comforts Sharon as she deals with Faith going off to school. Nick had a heart-to-heart talk with his mom and got advice from the last person he expected – Adam

Hey son, Victor hopes this is a friendly visit or at least a civil one. This is a courtesy call – Adam’s taken a job at Jabot. He’ll be Jack’s co-CEO.

Imani’s exhausted but has so much work to do. No, she didn’t have time to eat. OK, Nate will catch her up over lunch. Imani has a few things to do – then I’m all yours.

Mariah won’t let this lawyer get inside their heads and ruin their dream. It’s just a setback (due to their criminal records and complicated past) We’ll find someone great to represent us. There’s also foster care or overseas adoption. Tessa wants to change their approach and enlist someone who cares; someone they already know to represent them; Christine.

Billy doesn’t feel great about the way they ended the podcast. Chelsea again pressures him to get Johnny and Connor together. Billy hasn’t had a chance yet but will push Vikki for the boys to spend time together – even just as cousins for now. Back to the podcasts, Billy thinks quitting isn’t the best thing for Chelsea.

Lily’s summoned Elena to her office. Making it clear that she’s now part of the Chancellor Winters family, Lily looks forward to Elena’s podcast. Billy and I are here for you. We’re a team. Lily has another reason for wanting to speak to Elena privately.

At CL’s, Nick tells Sharon that he and Adam know the guilt of taking a life. Neither of you wanted it to happen, Sharon reminds. It’s a terrible thing to have that in common – she hopes it helps. Adam advised him to see a therapist but doesn’t want to talk to a stranger.

Adam’s at the ranch to inform Victor that he’s replacing Kyle as Jack’s right hand at Jabot. It’s not a retaliatory move. Adam’s doing this for himself – to move on; to focus on something besides taking you down. Victor’s sure that working with Jack is a huge mistake – it’s a family business – you’ll always be an outsider. Adam’s used to that.

Billy knows he threw Chelsea a curveball by quitting the podcast, but he feels she can carry it alone. You were happy behind that microphone. Chelsea’s focus is being a good Mom – but besides that she’s feeling adrift – everything’s been thrown off track. Billy thinks the answer to why that is, is obvious.