Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

At CL’s, Jack doesn’t want to discuss hiring Adam – but he would like to ask Billy about Chancellor Winters buying TGP.

Waiting for her take-out order, Chloe chats with Abby (who’s glad the Locke case is closed so they can spend more time with their husbands) Agreeing, Chloe hopes they can get past the tension. What tension? This is clearly news to Abby.

In the park, Adam makes it clear that he won’t let Chelsea take Connor to visit her Mom. And if she’s thinking of moving there, the answer is ‘no’.

On the CL’s patio, Chance calls Abby to say he’s coming over for a drink. She’ll save him a seat at the bar. Sally marches over and taking a seat uninvited, assumes Chance wants to thank her for not publishing the Locke story.

Chelsea isn’t sure how long she’ll be visiting her Mom – she needs to get away, with Connor. He could go back to his boarding school as a day student. I need this – I’m not feeling great, Chelsea worries about her mental health – I need a change. Adam points out that Connor’s not a life preserver – it’s not his job to fix his Mom.

Billy wants to talk about Adam. Jack does not – he’ll talk to Lily about opening a Jabot boutique (since Billy’s so busy with his podcast) He’s surprised to hear that he’s given up the podcast to focus on being COO.

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Chloe changes the subject from tension between Kevin and Chance to Adam messing with Chelsea and Sally’s heads. Abby has no sympathy for Sally – she knew who she slid into bed with.

Sally thought she’d find a kindred spirit in Chance – we both made a hard decision to tow the Newman family line (her by not publishing the story, he by closing the investigation)

Chance did a serious investigation and closed the case because he lacked evidence. Not buying it, Sally leaves the detective to frown.

Insisting that being CW’s COO is what he wants, Billy rejects Jack’s offer to help him succeed. Oh, where would I be without the wise words of Mr Jack Abbott?