Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

At Society, Phyllis doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s behind Talia’s story on Diane to Jack. In fact, she looks mighty pleased with herself.

Doing a photoshoot in the park for the Fenmore’s-Marchetti collaboration, Mariah encourages a very nervous Tessa. Diane flitters about with a clipboard as Lauren and Summer discuss clothing choices.

At the office, Imani thanks Lily and Billy for being so supportive. With Devon in Virginia with Amanda, Lily’s asked Nate to join the meeting. Perfect, Imani comments.

Elena’s with Nate at CL’s. He plans to go ahead with his idea while Devon’s out of town. Sure, it’s a bold move – but Devon won’t be able to dismiss me. Elena disapproves – isn’t making unilateral decisions what caused the problems with Devon in the first place?

Sure the music festivals will be a hit, Nate’s moving ahead. Elena really wants him to succeed but have you even talked to Lily about it? Nate doesn’t want to put Lily in the middle. Rethink your plan, it could end badly, Elena warns. Nate’s annoyed that she doesn’t support him and when Elena guesses Imani does, he marches out.

Phyllis tells Jack that it’s Diane’s own fault for sucking up to an investigative reporter. Why am I the one under suspicion? Everything published in that article was true. And the woman is still a menace, Nikki joins them to announce.

Tessa just needs to sit down for a minute. When Adam appears, Summer marches over to play traffic cop. The photo shoot is why Adam’s there (since he’s Jabot’s new co-CEO)

Lily, Imani, Nate and Billy have their meeting. Nate’s PR idea for TGP is approved. Sorry to hear that Billy’s not doing the podcasts anymore, Nate’s got some they might be able to buy. Billy postpones a meeting to listen to them. Imani quietly flirts with Nate – she can almost hear the gears turning.

While Lauren coaches Tessa, Summer’s trying to get rid of Adam. Kyle arrives to take over. Again ordered to leave, Adam wonders if this is really the way Kyle wants to start off.