Friday, September 9th, 2022

Sally denies she was flirting with Adam but their chemistry is still off the charts. I put on the brakes, she adds. Chloe’s frustrated – Adam’s screwing with what you said was your top priority; being the best CEO you can be. You’re overreacting, Sally says. Everything OK here? Nick appears.

Nick’s there to see how the marketing summit went. He lets them blather on a bit before calling them out – he knows Sally wasn’t there.

No, Nate doesn’t also blame Elena for ending his surgical career. His point is that Devon’s screwed up his career path – again. The first was an accident and Elena thinks this is just different business philosophy. No, Devon’s threatened and Nate’s over it – I’m done.

Lily and Billy discuss Jill wanting to take the company public. Billy agreed with Devon that they could lose control to a bunch of stockholders. Lily thinks it could give them the financial freedom to do other projects – like music festivals. But she must resolve things between Devon and Nate.

The head of Newman marketing told Nick that Newman Media’s CEO wasn’t at the meeting. He really hopes there’s a good reason. Sally screwed up – I’m sorry. Asking Chloe to step out, Nick needs to know why Sally missed the meeting – it’s a big deal.

Having to go, Elena hopes to help Nate with his issues later. Nate goes inside to chat with Vikki. She can only say that she’s been busy buying companies (until it’s officially announced) She hopes things are going equally well for Nate at CW. Hearing it’s not, Vikki has to ask why he’d think about walking away.

Billy thinks Devon’s problem goes beyond business. Maybe his ego’s taking a hit because Nate’s getting some attention. Lily’s determined to fix things before it damages the company and the family.

Sally missed the summit because she thought it was later in the day and she ran into Adam. He asked for forgiveness and told me things are going well at Jabot. Nick can tell Adam really did a number on Sally – you can’t seem to get past it.

Sally now knows that Adam was being noble. No, it doesn’t excuse what he did. Nick’s starting to understand his brother better. That said, he’s there to talk about the missed meeting. I need to know you can do this. Sally swears nothing will come between her and her dream job. Nick believes she can succeed IF she can get Adam out of her system.

Back at CL’s, Nate admits it’s more difficult working with his family than he thought. Vikki thinks he should be in a position where his ‘forward thinking’ is appreciated. She doesn’t have anything right now but will need someone to run her acquisitions. I’ll keep you in mind.

Billy gives Lily a shoulder massage and then an ego massage. You’re merging two powerful companies, and managing complicated family dynamics – Jill’s so impressed with you she wants to take the company public. And I’m in awe of you ~kiss~

Imani joins a distracted Nate on the patio. He tells her that Billy loved his idea so much that he told Jill about his pet project. Devon got all bent out of shape. When asked, Lily didn’t take his side. I walked out, Nate announces. Today was my last day. I’m leaving Chancellor Winters.

How could I be so careless? what was I thinking? If I make one more misstep I’m out, Sally whines. Then stay away from Adam! is Chloe’s simple answer. Think about my perspective, Sally implores – after years of heartache I thought I found the person I belong with. I’ve been accused of despicable acts too. Adam and I are cut from the same cloth. OK – throw away your entire future. I’m done! Chloe slams out.

Nick’s back in Vikki’s office to say that there were extenuating circumstances for Sally missing the meeting – she owned up to it. Vikki knows there are other good executives out there – like Nate. He’s driven and determined to make a mark on the business world.

Imani doesn’t want Nate to quit – where will you go? Someplace I’m appreciated. I appreciate you, Imani thinks quitting will prove Devon right. Maybe it’s time to be ruthless.