Friday, September 9th, 2022

At Newman, Vikki’s back from closing all sorts of acquisitions – while Nick was running things ‘seamlessly’ back here. He’s not entirely sure that’s the case though.

Downstairs at Newman Media, Chloe’s been trying to reach Sally. You missed the marketing summit! All that preparation and work for nothing! So, what important meeting were YOU in??? she demands to know.

Dad wants me to fire Sally and replace her as CEO of Newman Media, Nick reports – as revenge against Adam for going to work with Jack.

On the CL’s patio, Nate whines about Devon’s stodgy ways. He’s now ready to take Elena’s advice and leave CW. You should be happy, he tells her.

Lily can’t believe Nate lost his cool – and in front of Jill no less. When it sounds like Billy’s taking Nate’s side, she’s frustrated – I can’t deal with that right now.

Elena didn’t just suggest Nate quit – she also suggested he slow down on his festival plan. Nate pitched it to Billy – he loved it and brought it up during the conference call. When Elena thinks Devon probably felt blindsided, she’s accused of always taking his side.

** OK, so I’ve obviously missed an episode. I’m not sure if it aired later or not but will look into it and post when/if I find it 🙂

Dad can make suggestions but WE make the calls, Vikki points out – what are you thinking? Nick has concerns about Sally – she’s second-guessing herself, probably because of Adam.

Chloe made the pitch alone; everyone was confused and annoyed that the CEO was a no-show. Sally went to the rooftop to clear her head and ran into someone. Who? Chloe has a right to know. Adam, Sally admits – but claims she now finally has clarity.

Feeling no empathy for Sally, Vikki needs everyone in ‘fighting form’. This isn’t a charity organization. Nick wants to give her time – maybe she’ll turn it around. Vikki then gets a text letting her know that Sally missed the marketing summit.

Back at CW, Billy’s not taking sides. Maybe having Nate pitch the festival wasn’t a good idea – but he fixed all the problems Devon had with it. He felt blindsided, and after walking out, Lily worries that Nate will quit. Billy agrees.

Elena isn’t taking Devon’s side – she’s trying to see his point of view. She’s sorry things aren’t working out at CW. Nate hasn’t officially resigned and doesn’t know what comes next. When Elena suggests he come back to Memorial, Nate says he’d only go back to medicine as a surgeon – and that won’t happen – because of Devon.