Monday, September 12th, 2022

Nick finds Sally working late – she’s determined to end the day on a good note. NW is her number one priority – she’ll prove to everyone that she belongs in this chair. Yeah, about that – we should talk, Nick says.

Vikki’s at the ranch to ask Nikki why she’s not coming to work tomorrow. She’s not buying the story that her Mother’s going to meet Ridge and Eric Forrester about designing Summer’s wedding dress.

At Society, Jack invites Victor to join him for a drink. He knows Victor won’t approve of his latest hire. You’re right about that, Victor agrees.

Harrison’s in bed and Summer and Kyle have the whole house to themselves. Alas, their kiss is interrupted by Diane. She’s ‘livid’ and it’s all because of Phyllis.

Babbling on about going outside for some air, Chance realizes that Abby’s asleep so puts a blanket over her, checks his watch and jots down a note.

In her suite, Chelsea’s flipping through TV channels for a bit. Looking bored and restless, she grabs her purse and leaves.

That woman is relentless, Diane explains that she found a document on her computer – paying a subcontractor an outrageous sum of money. Phyllis is setting me up!

Vikki persists – she knows her Mother’s hiding something. Nikki admits that she’s going to LA to find the one person who might have dirt on Diane – Deacon Sharpe.

Chance has to cancel date night because he has to go on a stakeout – this is an investigation of a lifetime – it means everything to me. What about our family? Abby awakens; alone and troubled.

At CL’s, Sharon can tell that Chance is a bit antsy now that Ashland’s case is closed. Hearing him order tea – decaf, Chelsea appears – she could use on too. Mind if I join you?

Jack lists why he hired Adam – they’re friends, he’s right for the job – and he wants to spend more time with his grandson. He isn’t trying to get under Victor’s skin. Victor claims that hiring Adam was a huge mistake.

When reporting back to Vikki, Nick didn’t mention why Sally missed the marketing summit – is was extenuating circumstances and she’s sorry. Am I out of a job? Sally asks.

Back at CL’s, Sharon’s summoned upstairs by Mariah and Tessa. That leaves Chance to ask Chelsea how her day was. She enjoyed time at the pool with Connor and Johnny. But once alone in her suite, she felt lonely and anxious. No, Chance doesn’t regret saying she could vent to him. Thanked for driving her home the other night, Chance thinks he can help Chelsea right now.