Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Instead of shaking on their deal, Nick and Sally kiss passionately. The office door is locked, the clothes come off.

At CL’s, Vikki’s loudly playing hardball until she closes her deal. Lily ends her business call too. Both love being CEOs. Vikki has something to say ‘mogul to mogul’.

Meanwhile, at CW, Nate’s ready to call it a day, but since Devon would rather not prolong this, he follows him into the office.

Still at Society, Jack can’t believe that Victor’s giving up on Adam. It’s not easy being a father, is it? Victor surprises Jack with condolences over Keemo.

Nick and Sally are naked and making out on the couch when Adam arrives to lurk outside the office door.

No, Vikki doesn’t have advice for Lily – she congratulates her on buying TGP and apologizes for things between them while she was dealing with Ashland. She appreciates Lily as a peer. Newman’s on a roll too – it’s important to have a team you can rely on. Lily’s smile fades.

In the office, Nate’s invited to get it all off his chest. Predictably, he gripes about Devon rejecting all of his ideas. Devon doesn’t appreciate Nate’s attitude and scolds him for making a bad first impression with Jill (by leaving the video conference)

Sally? I saw your car in the parking garage, Adam calls out after trying the locked door. Pausing only briefly, until Adam leaves, Sally and Nick resume their activities.

No parent should have to suffer the loss of a child, Victor empathizes with Jack – family’s everything. Yes and that’s why Jack doesn’t understand Victor’s stance with Adam. Victor changes the subject to the delightful Ally; who Noah’s quite smitten with. They’re chuckling when Adam comes along to ask if hell’s frozen over. Jack wastes not time confirming they have talked about him. Jack’s spoken of the gift a son can be to his father.

Nick’s hungry – wanna get something to eat? Sure, Sally says without enthusiasm and looks downright uncomfortable as Nick continues to rub her leg.

The argument escalating, Devon says Nate acts like a surgeon with a God complex. Triggered by having his medical career thrown in his face, Nate steps forward – you wanna hit me? I won’t hold back this time! Billy arrives to step in between them – that’s enough.

Jack lies by saying that Victor said ‘a number’ of kind things about Adam. Victor thinks that Adam working for Jabot is a mistake – for both of you. And since Adam’s walked away from the company and family, Victor’s done – Adam should move on. You’ll regret this step, I promise you, he points his finger at Adam. Standing, Victor wishes Adam good luck and thanks Jack for the tequila – I hope it didn’t break the bank. Jack and Adam are left speechless.