Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Vikki’s surprised to hear that Billy gave up his podcasts to focus on being CW’s CEO. Lily’s sorry for what Vikki went through with Ashland. Lily’s happy to be working with her family too. It’s all good, she nods and fakes a smile.

When Nate and Devon go back to verbally assaulting one another, Billy says that the whole floor can hear them. It won’t be a problem anymore – no more ego or yelling. I’m done with this place, Nate quits.

Commenting that he can see that Victor and Adam are in pain, Jack leaves. Adam orders a drink – as Sally and Nick arrive.

Billy asks Nate to reconsider quitting. No, his decision is made. When Lily arrives, Billy will leave the family to work it out. Lily won’t let Nate leave – she sees both sides; you both want what’s best for Chancellor Winters. She even brings Neil up. Nate doesn’t see a way to make it work. Both men want respect. Devon thinks they’ve reached the end of the road.

Now home, Victor reads something on his phone that makes him look sadly at the chess board.

Sally and Nick decline Adam’s offer to join him for a drink – they’re at Society for a working dinner. Sally must have been in Nick’s office when Adam dropped by earlier. Realizing he’s hungry, Adam asks if he can join the pair.

When Billy joins her at CL’s, Vikki can tell that he’s in a mood. Billy just wishes life could go smoothly. She thinks the Grinning Soul needs a new outlet to spew his truths.

Devon’s just fine with Nate quitting but Lily wants to see what they can accomplish – together. Yes, she’s considering Jill’s plan to take the company public. Nate’s moved by Lily’s faith in him and as much as he’d like to stay at CW, you’re trying to convince the wrong person. And that tells me all I need to know.

Noting that Sally’s built up quite the appetite, Adam recalls doing the same at NM – when we were …engrossed in our work. Adam’s sure that romantic advice column is a big hit. You have a knack for knowing what people want. Nick wants to change the topic to sports. Sally has an idea to pitch a new platform when we get back to … work.

Victor’s at taking his rage out on the longbag at the Boxing Club. Sweaty and exhausted, he takes some deep breaths.

Nate orders a tequila then leaves a message for Elena. I need to talk. Meet me at Society as soon as you can. Oh look, here’s Imani.

Billy confides to Vikki that the conflict at CW goes way beyond distraction – it’s destruction. He doesn’t know what to do about it. With two immovable forces going head to head something has to give.

Lily hopes Nate will change his mind and come back. Devon doubts that. When he asks if Lily’s really considering Jill’s plan to go public, she is – and will make it her mission to convince Devon that it’s the right move.

Easily able to tell that Nate’s furious, Imani doesn’t look happy to hear that he quit.

Walking Sally to her suite, Nick declares their dinner ‘interesting’. It wasn’t as big a disaster as it could have been, Sally gives Nick a firm ‘good night’ and enters her suite. As soon as Nick’s gone, Adam appears.