Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Victor’s concerned about Nikki. She doesn’t like who she was back then. She thought Deacon Sharpe was covering for her – he knew all along that Diane wasn’t murdered.

We worked so well personally and professionally – Adam’s determined to get that back; to earn Sally’s forgiveness and love. Are you really ready to throw away what we had?

A flustered Sally says that earlier today she made an error in judgment – I can’t believe this happened. I missed an important meeting because I was on the rooftop with you. I neglected my job. Adam had no idea. Sally can’t think rationally around him. You’re like an addiction – it’s toxic – letting you in was a mistake.

When Victor offers to go to LA, Nikki delines – she must see Deacon on her own. No one will come between us, she purrs.

Elena approves of Nate leaving CW. He doesn’t exactly have another job lined up but he does have a plan to show Devon what he’s made of.

Sally tells Adam that he’s a huge liability with not return on investment. She has an important job now and wants to clear her head and refocus. Is that what you were talking about in Nick’s office? Adam asks – focus?

Jack gives Diane a pep talk. She wants to do well – not just for Kyle – but for Jack too.

Victor suggests Deacon be brought to GC. Nikki won’t be talked out of going to LA. OK – get the dirt on Diane so we can be rid of her, he concedes.

Near tears, Sally continues to resist Adam’s pleading. He loves Sally and knows she loves him too.

You can’t do this – it’s a horrible plan, Elena’s alarmed. This plan won’t get you where you want to go. Nate has no other viable options. Elena’s been willing to follow Nate wherever it may lead but this is going too far – you’d be risking your integrity. This isn’t just you and Devon – other people will be affected. It’s wrong. Think it through.

Diane and Jack are happy to have rebuilt their friendship. If you don’t feel like driving, you could stay in one of the guest rooms, he invites – then looks disappointed when Diane thinks it best she leaves.

Victor’s security team will be there if there’s any trouble – we can’t be careful enough. Family means everything to me. That’s why I love you, Nikki glows.

Nick sends a text to Sally – CEOs miss meetings sometimes. In the future keep me in the loop. As Sally reads it, Adam asks what’s so important. Sally needs time and space. It’s best you go. Slamming the door closed behind Adam, Sally looks trapped