Friday, September 16th, 2022

At CL’s, Chloe asks Nick if he’s seen Sally. Adam’s looking for her. Nick thinks Sally’s stronger than people give her credit for – she’ll be a valuable part of Newman. Chloe comments on how well Nick’s gotten to know Sally.

Back in the suite, Sally tells Adam that he has no right to ask if she’s sleeping with Nick. You aren’t the jilted lover – you dumped ME. I’m free to do what I want – and Adam can go back to Chelsea or Sharon if he wants. None of it matters. It matters to ME! Adam says with passion.

Still at Jabot, Kyle tells his Dad about the incriminating document on Diane’s computer. Ah – that explains the intense conversation Jack witnessed between her and Phyllis (who claims she’s innocent) This feud is getting worse and counterproductive. Kyle has to wonder if it’s a mistake to have them both at the same company.

Sally doesn’t know what’s the truth – and what’s just Adam’s next step to prove what he doesn’t even believe himself – that he’s worthy. Sally now has to prove that she’s not just another one of Adam’s exes. I have to focus on what’s best for me. I told you I needed space and you disrespected my wishes and came to my hotel. I’m done.

Sounds like you and Sally are besties, Chloe persists. Nick wants her to do well because he convinced Vikki to keep Sally on. He knows the mind games Adam plays but Sally will be just fine. Yeah, that’s the plan, Chloe agrees.

If Diane and Phyllis are causing a distraction, Jack feels that both should go. Bring them together and draw a line in the sand, Jack suggests – zero-tolerance – no shenanigans.

Meeting Summer at Society, Kyle relays Jack’s advice – if our Mothers can’t play nice, both have to go. Summer agrees – let’s put our Mothers on notice.

Phyllis is whispering into her phone – wanting to know what Nikki’s doing in LA. Getting a text from Summer, she’s to meet her at Society for lunch. I have things handled here, Phyllis assures Nikki – then replies to Summer that she’s on her way.

Seeing Adam arrive at CL’s, Nick flashes back to being in bed with Sally. Adam comes over to assume this is Nick’s way of getting back at him. What will Dad think? Sharon won’t like it either. Or Summer. That’s enough, Nick snaps.

Adam takes a cheap shot at Nick – we know what happens when you get angry. Nick tells Adam that he’s a wrecking ball. Sally’s too tough to be ground down the way you did Chelsea and Sharon. Adam thought they had something in common but now it’s vanished – why is that, brother??

When Sally returns to the office, Chloe wastes no time saying ‘you made a good impression on Nick’. He’s your number one fan now. Sally squirms.

Phyllis and Diane run into each other outside Society. Realizing they’ve both been invited, Phyllis claims she’s not worried – you should be worried. Diane follows her inside.