Monday, September 19th, 2022

Summer and Kyle greet their Mothers at Society. Diane thinks getting together is a great idea. Phyllis fakes enthusiasm – the four of us – ‘that’s a ‘kick’.

Meeting Talia in LA, Nikki explains that she’s there to get dirt on Diane out of Deacon Sharpe. Talia’s all in – she’s planning to write a book since her articles aren’t being published. Though Nikki talks ‘tough’ about confronting Deacon, Talia senses that she’s nervous.

At CL’s, Imani tells Nate that her Dad collapsed and is hospitalized. She’s so worried. Nate insists on calling Sutton’s doctor – you’ve done more for me than you realize, let me return the favour.

At Newman, Vikki tells Nick that Devon and Lily are taking Chancellor Winters public. We need to buy enough shares to gain majority control and seats on the board. Did a disgruntled employee (Nate) bring this to you? Nick asks.

Nick’s surprised Nate would be vindictive enough to leak inside information. Vikki thinks Nate a smart businessman. But what’s in it for him? Nick’s puzzled.

Nikki’s determined to put her issues with Deacon aside to get dirt on Diane. OK, she’ll tell Talia more of the story – OFF THE RECORD.

Summer and Kyle waste no time making it clear that this meeting is serious. Phyllis and Diane take turns saying all the right things – until the bickering starts. Summer and Kyle won’t referee. One more incident and you’re BOTH out.

Asking a few questions by phone, Nate reassures Imani that her Dad will be just fine – you should go visit him though. When a grateful Imani gives him an impulsive hug, Nate hugs her back.

That’s not fair, Diane and Phyllis finally agree on something. It’s non-negotiable, Summer and Kyle stand firm and united. No more attacks or accusations. They aren’t 100% convinced when Diane and Phyllis both claim – you won’t have to worry about me.

Via flashback, Nikki tells Talia about her past with Deacon. She was so drunk she didn’t even know if she killed Diane. Nikki eventually climbed out of that hole and never looked back – until today.

You won’t have to worry about us, Diane and Phyllis reiterate with fake smiles. Good – let’s get back to work with our new attitudes, Kyle’s optimism is also fake. After their Moms leave, both he and Summer hope that’s the end of it.

Deciding to take Nate’s advice and go to Virginia, Imani again thanks him. Nate thanks her for listening to him – you REALLY listened. About that – Imani hopes Nate will listen to what she has to say right now.

Back at Newman, Nick’s stunned to hear what Nate wants – and what Vikki agreed to; letting him lead Chancellor Winters. Yes, over Devon and Lily. They’ll take it personally – because it IS personal, Nick warns – and unethical amongst other things.