Monday, September 19th, 2022

Now seated with coffee, Imani tells Nate that Devon doesn’t give him the credit he deserves. But, Lily and Billy see your worth. She wishes Elena didn’t talk Nate into quitting. Devon has no reason to hold you back – you need to show him that. Nate’s impressed, yet again, with how well Imani gets him.

If you use Nate’s information, Lily and Devon will see it as a betrayal (because it is) Nick points out. They’ll get over it, Vikki’s sure – there’s risks in going public. Nick then suspects acquiring CW has something to do with Billy.

Nikki has indeed found it helpful to unburden herself to a supportive Talia. After another flashback of the smooth-talking Deacon, Nikki knows she can’t be complacent. If you’re not careful you can really get into trouble.

Billy isn’t a factor – this is all business, Vikki insists. Think of how explosive it would be to bring Chancellor Winters under the Newman umbrella. It’ll be explosive alright, and not in a good way, Nick continues to disapprove.

In Jack’s office, Diane regrets causing trouble for Kyle and Summer. They gave Phyllis and me an ultimatum – if either of us does something antagonistic, we’re both fired. That sounds about right to Jack.

Nate admits that he let his frustration with Devon get the better of him – he still has things to accomplish at Chancellor Winters. You’re an awesome guy, Imani leaves hoping he’s back to work when she returns. Nate then gets a call from Vikki – she’d like to meet. Uh oh.

Summer’s happy that the next time the four of them get together it’ll be to make wedding plans.

on the CL’s patio, Phyllis leaves a message for Nikki – please tell me you’re getting enough paydirt in LA to drive this bitch out of town.

Diane doesn’t think Kyle and Summer’s ultimatum ‘fair’. Disagreeing, Jack wonders if this feud is more important than work and family. He’s been there – with Victor. Don’t feed off the animosity or fall into old habits. Touched by Jack’s concern, Diane promises that things will be different from now on. At the elevator, she gets a troubling text – ‘Nikki is in LA with Talia. Can’t hold off her editor much longer.’

In her hotel suite, Nikki sends a text – Important that we meet (she adds her hotel and suite number) Reading the text immediately, Deacon frowns.

My Thoughts: Kinda weird that Nikki still has Deacon in her contacts. And that Deacon would recognize Nikki’s number. They haven’t had contact since 2011/2012 when he was charged with kidnapping her. He also served time for stealing evidence and obstructing justice after Diane ‘died’. I doubt I’d be able to recognize any incoming calls if a number came up instead of a name …. Doesn’t Marchetti have a Human Resources Department? These 2 Karens should be filing complaints through the proper channels; whatever Marchetti’s policy is on workplace conflict. …. Vikki’s delusional if she thinks Lily and Devon will be ‘initially upset’ but then ‘get over it’. If she has extra time on her hands. Vikki could, I dunno, spend some time with her kids? … Since Imani and Amanda have obligations and commitments in GC, why can’t Naya be transferred there? And Sutton too since he’s falling apart.. Nate sure was able to reach Sutton’s doctor quickly. Us non-doctors would be bounced around from department to department. If lucky, a message can be left. If unlucky, you just get disconnected and have to restart the whole mission.