Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

As if he’s somehow oblivious to Nikki’s utter disdain for him, Deacon says ‘it’s good to see you’. You’re lookin’ GOOD.

Diane approaches Victor at Society – you’re looking well – maybe we can catch up. Victor’s not interested – but can’t help but smirk when Phyllis comes over to ask what they’re talking about.

Lily’s summoned Billy and Devon for a meeting. No, it’s not about Nate. She and Jill are VERY eager to pursue this IPO – she hopes to have the men onboard by the end of the day.

Plotting in the park, Nate’s still sure CW is going public. Vikki wants to buy as many shares as she can to hold the majority stake. Between the shares Nate’s willing to sell Vikki and what she can get on the market, he’s sure she can buy the 51% of shares she needs. But Nate will only take the risk if Vikki’s willing to give him what he wants.

Now with Diane AND Phyllis ambushing him, Victor doesn’t recall inviting either lady to join him. Reluctantly leaving, Phyllis all but blushes when Victor tosses her a ‘nice seeing you’.

This isn’t a reunion for two old freinds – Nikki lists everything Deacon did to her; the manipulations, the lies. Flashback to Nikki drinking, Deacon scolding her – is this about the night Diane died? Put the glass down, he pleads. Realtime – Deacon’s suprised Nikki knows that he helped Diane fake her death. Yes, Nikki’s here for revenge – but not against Deacon – as long as he does everything she asks.

Billy’s on the conservative side; Devon doesn’t want to be rushed either. The merger JUST happened – it’s too soon. He also has concerns about losing control of their family-run company.

Nate agrees to pass info along to Vikki. Yes, he’s sure he’s still ‘part of the inner circle’. Good, Vikki looks forward to Nate being helpful while at CW and then at Newman. Confirming that he’ll be running CW, Nate shakes her hand.

Having another shot at making amends with Victor, Diane gets the cold shoulder – but goes pale when hearing that Nikki’s out of town.

You owe me! Nikki demands Deacon tell her everything Diane’s been doing while in LA.

In the park, Vikki easily tricks Phyllis into confirming that Nikki’s in LA re: Diane. She then gives her an earful for risking her Mother’s physical and emotional health!

Deacon doesn’t have much to tell – except Diane seemed to have a lot of money; she drove a Bentley (but told him that she was broke too)