Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Yes, Nikki’s away on business – important business. You worried she might find something on the West Coast? Diane just wants to be with her family. My family’s here too – Victor warns Diane there’ll be reprecussions.

Devon thinks personal satisfaction at work is more important than profits. Lily sees it as an opportunity to grow. This is our moment to reach for the stars. On cue, Nate stops to apologize to Devon and asks for a second chance.

Maybe the Bentley belonged to a rich boyfriend – or maybe Diane didn’t want you getting your grubby paws on her money. Deacon would love nothing more than to make amends by helping Nikki. We’re done here, she yanks the door open. Wait.

Phyllis thinks it might be cathartic for Nikki to handle Deacon and get Diane out of town. If she can handle Victor daily, she can handle Deacon. Vikki’s not amused.

Diane’s handled the wrath of the town with grace but she’ll never be forced to give up this second chance. Victor can see Diane’s fighting spirit but you already know how this one ends.

Nate delivers the apology of the decade. He’s now humble and ready to move on as a united front (which will be best if we’re moving forward with the IPO) Hew hopes Devon can meet him halfway.

Vikki does have something to tell her Dad – but it’s not quite ready. Right now she’s worried about Mom being with Deacon Sharpe.

Deacon does have something to tell Nikki – or rather, it’s something he needs to show here (at his restaurant) Nikki protests but is curious.

Lily’s made it clear that she wants Nate back. Devon will try to be more open to Nate’s ideas – if we can put thsi behind us, this is your second chance.L ily sees a bright future for all of us – Nate couldn’t agree more.

Victor’s sent his security team to follow Nikki. Vikki hopes her Mom gets what she wants from Deacon so we never have to think about him again.

Talia’s back to hear Nikki’s report. Deacon says there’s something he wants to show me. Talia thinks meeting with him one more time couldn’t hurt.

Back at Jabot, Diane accuses Phyllis of being disingenuous. This is it – the first crack in the armour, a smug Phyllis points her finger. Her buttons pushed, Diane loses her mind. There. You, Are. This is just the beginning of the end for you, Phyllis smirks.