Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Phyllis isn’t clear on what Diane’s ‘back off’ means. It’s not really a threat, she taunts – do you want to try it again? ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! BACK OFF! Diane barks like a rabid dog. Jack races over to warn that if Kyle and Summer heard that (instead of him) they’d both be out of a job.

Mariah assures Tessa that they can ‘get all this done by tonight’. Seeing Kyle and Summer inside CL’s – flipping through ‘sad’ photos, Mariah again encourages Tessa. We’re just getting coffee. No one will suspect a thing.

At the house, Traci wonders how Ally’s navigating Diane and Phyllis, the ‘chaos junkies’. Put them together and something is bound to explode, she jokes.

Diane apologizes and scurries out. That leaves Phyllis to tell Jack that she didn’t do anything wrong. I was just doing my job. Leaving Phyllis to her ‘gloating’, Jack warns ‘you’re not off the hook’.

After jokes about Phyllis and Diane being a ‘handful’ and how much Ally loves working at the lab her father did and the ‘legendary’ Ashley. Why aren’t you there today? Traci wonders. For reasons Ally can’t share just yet.

What? LOL Kyle and Summer weren’t ‘ripping apart’ Tessa’s photos. She’s already been dubbed ‘Marchetti’s brightest star’. They were looking at themes for their vowel renewal. Mariah thinks that a romantic idea! Entering through the patio, Noah hears their laughter and hides.

Jack finds Diane crying in the park. I screwed up – but it’s been a bad day – first a borderline threatening conversation with Victor then another run-in with Phyllis. She hates letting them get to her but knows’I brought it on myself’, When she pulls out her phone, Jack asks who she’s calling. Kyle – he deserves to hear the truth from me.

Joining the celebration, Noah’s happy to hear that Kyle and Summer are renewing their vows. Will you be bringing Ally? Uhhh. Noah suddenly needs to talk to Mariah and Tessa about that. Summer’s left to pout; why didn’t Kyle ask US for relationship advice?

Traci’s curious about Ally’s mystery. It’s not my secret to tell – Noah will be here soon, is all Ally can say. She followed her Aunt Traci’s advice to give herself permission to be happy. It feels great to have family again.

Back in the park, Jack tells Diane that he won’t tattle to Kyle and Summer about her fight with Phyllis. Diane must be honest with Kyle, then he can decide what to do about it.

Phyllis is gasping for air when she joins Kyle and Summer at CL’s. No, she’s not alright – something’s happened. Kyle gets a text – it’s Mom.

Just as Ally wonders what’s keeping Noah, he arrives with Tessa and Mariah. How much does Traci know? Not much. Apparently, the kids have planned a surprise for Kyle and Summer – they could really use Traci’s help.

At Jabot, Jack’s surprised that Phyllis is already there – and that she brought Kyle and Summer (who were summoned by Diane – she wanted to own up to what happened and is truly sorry for losing her temper) Is this where I applaud this remarkable performance? Phyllis is sarcastic. Diane falls on the proverbial sword. To save Kyle and Summer from having to fire her, Diane will resign.

Traci thinks the kids throwing a pre-vowel renewal party for Kyle and Summer (at Noah’s new club) a great idea. They also have a guest-list quandary – Nick, Phyllis and Jack will be there – should they include Diane? Or will that cause trouble?

Back at Jabot, Phyllis congratulates Diane for doing the noble and sensible thing (stepping down) after her embarrassing outburst. Is this what you want to do Mom? Kyle asks. Of course, Diane violated the terms she agreed to. How would you ever trust me again if I didn’t keep my word? Assuming she still has a job, Phyllis is stunned to hear she, in fact, does not.

As all debate on who to invite and who not to invite, Ally has a compromise that doesn’t disclude Phyllis or Diane.

We JUST told you at lunch that if one of you goes so does the other. Their Mothers’ whining does not sway Kyle and Summer. After Diane and Phyllis leave, Jack knows that couldn’t have been easy. His advice is to let them both stew for a bit – then bring them back for one more chance.

Ally’s idea is to stagger Diane and Phyllis’ arrival and exit from the party – so that there’s little to no overlap. Operation Get Everyone There On Time is a go. Mariah will escort Kyle and Diane to the event. Traci’s assigned to Jack. Noah; Summer and his Dad. Ally and Tessa will keep the club rockin’. Let’s give Kyle and Summer a night they’ll never forget.

After Jack excuses himself to take a call from Traci, Kyle and Summer debate whether to suspend or fire their Mothers. They decide to take Jack’s advice – their Mother’s fate depends on how they act.

At CL’s, Phyllis complains to Summer – Diane played mind games and I get punished too!? I DID keep the peace; Diane didn’t. Summer points out to her Mom that she could have walked away. She and Kyle are too busy for this. Getting a text from Noah, Summer has to go meet him at the club. And NO – she does not want her Mom to come along.

Joining Diane at Society’s bar, Kyle’s proud of his Mother. She just hopes this doesn’t change how he sees her – or affect her relationship with Harrison. Losing the job she loves makes her more determined to be better. Has Phyllis officially resigned? Kyle gets a text from Mariah – meet me at TGP – bring your Mom.

Oh Diane – you are so sweet and humble, Phyllis babbles to herself. Could you be getting the best of me? Am I failing? No! I won’t let her win. They all have blinders on, If I could open Summer’s eyes to my perspective. That’s it – Summer just needs a little nudge to see that Diane’s the one who’s wrong (Phyllis is unhinged)

Summer, Kyle and Diane are walking around a dark building – wondering why they’ve been summoned there. Surprise! the lights go on. Noah, Mariah, Tessa, Traci, Ally and Jack applaud.

After Summer and Kyle offer a quick ‘thank you’ speech to the guests, Noah snaps his fingers – music. Welcome to the Glamor Club. He’s taken aside by Summer to ask where her parents are. We’ve staggered their arrivals, Noah explains – Diane has to leave before Phyllis arrives. Brilliant! thinks Summer. And of course, she curses it. We’ve hit a snag. Phyllis is shooting laser beams from her eyes – what’s going on? Watching with glee, Diane fails to conceal her smirk.