Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Seeing everyone gathered in Noah’s new club, Phyllis is devastated when realizing she wasn’t invited. Summer swears she had no idea. Noah planned the party and as its host takes full responsibility – can you forgive me?

Elena comes home to flowers and champagne. Nate’s even got dinner in the oven. OK – but it’s gonna take a lot more for Elena to change her mind on his corporate espionage.

Meanwhile, Lily, Billy and Devon are pleased that Nate came to apologize. And you met him halfway, Billy gives Devon credit too – but then has to wonder if he’s setting Nate up to fail.

At the ranch, Victor updates Vikki that her Mom found out some more details about Diane’s life in LA (from Deacon) Vikki then makes a shocking announcement – she’d like Newman to be the majority shareholder of Chancellor Winters.

Devon would never set someone up to fail – he’s just agreeing to try out Nate’s ideas. When Billy gets a text from Chelsea (‘meet me for a drink?’) Lily encourages him to go – maybe she’s changed her mind about doing the podcast solo. Now alone, Lily asks how Amanda is. Devon’s salty because issues with Nate have taken time and energy he’d rather devote to Amanda.

Hearing that Nate apologized and will stay on at CW, Elena’s suspicious that he’s still Vikki’s inside man. Yes, Nate’s plan is still a go – he’ll use the public offering to unify his family. Elena doesn’t see how.

Ordered by Nick, Phyllis forgives Noah. Who’s ready to dance? Mariah bellows. I’m not, Phyllis is quick to answer. After Nick goes to check on Summer, Diane makes catty comments to Traci, Kyle and Jack. At Summer’s request, Nick asks Phyllis to leave it alone for tonight – do it for Kyle and Summer.

Vikki tells her Dad that Nate came to her to inquire about a job. Why would he give up so easily on his family business? Victor wonders. CW is going public – Nate will sell us his shares – Newman will buy the rest to give us a majority. If Nate gives you info, that’s insider trading. That said, Victor loves the idea – let’s do it.

At Society, Chelsea hasn’t changed her mind about doing the podcast – she wanted to thank Billy for getting the boys together – and pester him about telling Johnny the truth.

Drinks in hand. Summer and Kyle will try to forget their mothers and enjoy the night. I’d like to make a toast! Phyllis reminds all that she’s the Mother of the bride. Here we go, Diane quips quietly. Diane and I are capable of being in the same room together, right? Phyllis shouts across the room. Near tears, she toasts Kyle and Summer. Let’s party! As most take to the dance floor, Phyllis and Diane lock eyes.

Nate admits that when he first told Elena about his plan some of his bitterness towards Devon came out. SOME of it? Try ALL of it, Elena also worries that Devon and Lily will feel blindsided. Yes, at first, but Nate will be the opposite leader to Devon – CW will be something amazing. Elena clearly does NOT agree.