Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Billy tells Vikki that Chelsea came by with a gift for Johnny; a baby blanket. Maybe she wants to let Johnny know that he was always loved. Vikki’s angry that Chelsea didn’t listen – where do we draw the line?!

Back at Jack’s, Diane whines about being mistreated. But the only opinions she cares about are Kyle’s and Jack’s. She worries something will change the way they feel about her. I didn’t know how hard it’d be to redeem myself, she cries. Appreciating how believed and safe Jack makes her feel, Diane grabs his face with both hands ~kiss~

Pulling away, Jack only agreed to a peaceful coexistence as parents and grandparents, nothing more. Don’t misinterpret my friendship for something else, he lets Diane down gently.

Vikki’s adamant that Johnny gets to decide. Billy’s not saying to put him and Chelsea in a room but he might change his mind. Chelsea’s the one pushing too much too soon – I thought we were in agreement! Vikki’s spitting mad – SHE sure as hell doesn’t get to push a relationship on OUR son that he doesn’t want!

Chelsea explains to Adam that it was time Johnny was told. She wouldn’t talk to Connor about it without talking to Adam first. Johnny’s upset and doesn’t want me in his life, at all, she pouts.

Nick asks Sally what she wants to talk about – us? Adam? Not tonight – she still only wants to talk business. Nick agrees – we’ll do whatever you want.

Adam empathizes – he remembers what a complicated time it was and respected Chelsea for making such a hard decision. I’m not a bad person, Chelsea wants to do the right thing but keeps making so many mistakes. Boo hoo.

Adam thinks Chelsea might need to start over somewhere else. He’ll never let her take Connor away but we can work something out – he needs his Mom healthy and happy. Chelsea can’t walk away from Johnny. Adam continues to be supportive, Chelsea continues her pity party; something has to go right for me eventually, doesn’t it?

Billy thinks they should all be patient with each other. And indulge her every whim? Vikki’s done letting that woman invade their lives. She knows no boundaries and pushed until she got what she wanted. I’m done with her! No more gifts. If Johnny wants to talk to Chelsea when he’s 18, that’s fine and I expect you to stand by me – we need to close the door on this NOW – for Johnny’s sake, she adds after a pause.

Nick had a nice time. So did Sally. We got a lot accomplished. Nick clearly doesn’t want to end the night. Adam’s inside, no sign of Chelsea.

Diane’s sorry and respects Jack’s boundaries. She’ll gladly accept his offer to coexist. Can we start that clean slate now? Forget that happened? she runs out.

Chelsea’s clutching the baby blankie when Billy drops by her suite. Johnny still doesn’t want to talk to me, she guesses. He and Vikki want Johnny to have some space for now – sorry. Chelsea bursts into tears.

Nick’s in Vikki’s office when Adam shows up to confront him. No more lies. You’re sleeping with Sally, aren’t you? You couldn’t wait to make your move.

Returning to her suite at the GCAC, Diane’s stunned/terrified – how did you get in here?! I get the feeling you’re trying to avoid me, the man is snide and menacing. Hurtful, after everything I’d done to help you. I thought we had an understanding, It’d be a shame to find out now that I can’t trust you, Diane.