Monday, September 26th, 2022

When Diane arrives at Jabot with a giant gift basket, Phyllis makes a few wisecracks before Jack joins them. And when Diane gives the basket to Phyllis (to earn her trust and forgiveness) Phyllis is sarcastic about the convenient timing – not subtle at all.

Ally awakens in Noah’s armpit to find him watching her sleep. She has to get to work asap because she took yesterday afternoon off to help plan Kyle and Summer’s party.

Returning to the office, Billy apologizes for taking so long in the park – what did I miss? Lily speaks highly of Audra and mentions reassuring Devon that his heart IS in this job. She can tell by Billy’s face that it didn’t go well with Johnny.

Is now a good time? Nate drops by Vikki’s office to update that things went well at Chancellor Winters. No one suspects anything as long as he’s playing his ‘secondary’ role and not expressing any opinions.

Informed that Audra Charles is guiding CW through the IPO, Vikki thinks it risky to bring in an outsider. Nate was impressed – she did her homework and hit the ground running. No one will derail our plans. Are you sure this is the right move for you? Vikki asks. You think I’m not up to running Chancellor Winters? Nate’s indignant.

Last night was fantastic, and Ally’s not just talking about sex. She’s impressed with Noah’s vision, the club and the party. You mean a lot to me, Noah must see Ally on her break. He can’t possibly wait all day to see her.

As Jack hovers, Diane gives a speech about how lucky she and Phyllis are to still have their jobs. His curiosity is piqued when Phyllis mentions Nikki being in LA and Diane sneaking out of the party last night.

Billy tells Lily that Johnny’s upset. He didn’t ask who his Mother was and now thinks everyone in town knew. He’s also troubled by how eager Chelsea is to insert herself into Johnny’s life – I think she wants to be his Mom.

Billy’s conflicted. He thinks it inappropriate that Chelsea assumed Johnny would want her support – Vikki warned him this might happen and she was right. He feels for Chelsea but will protect his son at all costs. Lily understands; she was angry and hurt when learning that Malcolm was her biological father.

Summer and Kyle slept in late after the party too. Noah and Ally join them in the living room to repeat how great last night was. We’re so excited to renew our vows, Summer says as she clings to Kyle.

Vikki has full confidence that CW will flourish under Nate’s leadership but he’s risking the wrath of his family by betraying them. Nate doesn’t see it as a betrayal. He’s going to do things in a new way that ‘values us all’.

Oh yeah, Jack also wondered where Diane went last night. She was tired from a long day so went home to bed. Phyllis isn’t buying it. Getting a text message (interesting developments in LA – keep Diane distracted, this could be big) she lets Diane know that she will never change her opinion of her.