Thursday, October 27th, 2022

Finding Chelsea distracted and moping in the park, Billy’s sympathetic when hearing that Johnny and Vikki were by earlier. He’s surprised to hear that Vikki laid down the law, but can’t say that she’s wrong – we all have to put Johnny first. x

At CL’s, Johnny and Connor have an awkward chat. Making it clear that he has no problem with Connor, Johnny thinks Chelsea’s following him.

Greeting Devon and Lily, Abby grumbles about Chance having to work tonight. After she marches off, Devon tells Lily that he’s worried about her and Chance.

My Mom’s been acting strange lately, Connor tells Johnny before being interrupted by Adam. When Vikki comes in to say Happy Halloween, Johnny asks her what happened between her and Chelsea back at the park.

Taking a seat beside her, Billy’s surprised that Chelsea’s accepting Vikki’s demands. She’s right – Chelsea could see how hurt Johnny is and wishes she could undo her mistake.

Devon confides that Abby’s beginning to resent Chance working so much. Speaking of couples with career issues, Lily announces that Billy’s resigning from CW.

It was the right time to tell Johnny, no one could tell how he was going to react, Billy reassures Chelsea. Vikki knew (Chelsea’s optimistic that Johnny will change his mind one day) Chelsea even admits that she wasn’t thinking clearly. Tell Vikki and Johnny not to worry – I won’t bother them again.

Nothing to worry about, Vikki tells Johnny, then praises Connor’s costume. After joining in on the joke about Grandpa’s candy stash, Adam takes Vikki to the patio to ask what she said to upset Chelsea.

Johnny and Connor wish things could go back to the way things were – this is super weird. Not wanting to go to Katie’s Halloween parade, Johhny’s happy when Connor agrees he can come to Beckett’s for a sleepover.

On the patio, Vikki fills Adam in on how hard Chelsea’s been pushing. Connor’s upset – shouldn’t he be your sole priority right now? Adam nods.

Chelsea bursts into tears as soon as she gets back to her hotel suite.

Getting more details, Vikki agrees that Johnny can go to the sleepover with Connor. As the boys run off to text Beckett, Billy arrives to quip that seeing Vikki and Adam smiling at each other is the scariest thing he’ll see this Halloween.