Friday, October 28th, 2022

On the dancefloor, Billy tells Lily what she’s not gonna like to hear – did you see Chelsea run out just now? No, because Lily was enjoying their dance. Fine – we’ll leave after we finish our drinks, Lily’s pissed. Adam looks across the room at Adam.

Chelsea leans over the edge of the building to watch the busy street below. Back upright, the wind dries the tears on her face.

Nate startles Vikki at the office – Happy Halloween. She hopes he’s there to accept her job offer. He’s sorry but, no.

A sudden gust of wind makes Chelsea gasp. She looks confused after her purse drops to the ground beside her.

No, Nate hasn’t patched things up with Devon – but the reason he’s not accepting Vikki’s job offer is because it would put a target on her back.

Convinced that Adam said something to make Chelsea leave, Billy’s concern angers Lily. Gotta go (he thinks he knows where Chelsea might be)

OMG – how did I get here? poor Chelsea wallows in her despair.

Pouring them both a drink, Vikki assures Nate that she doesn’t need protection. Devon and Lily can’t prove we collaborated. Nate doesn’t understand why Vikki would hire him after he blew up her plan.

Back at the Glam Club, Adam asks Lily why Billy’s so determined to save Chelsea. Does he feel guilty for quitting the podcast or is it about Johnny?

Despite her best efforts, Chelsea can’t get rid of the voices in her head. Tears stream down her face as she climbs up onto the ledge. Billy appears to gently call her name.

What’s going on? Did Adam upset you? Billy’s glad he found Chelsea at their spot. Stay away, she orders him. I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere, Billy removes his jacket and offers it to Chelsea. Just put it on, he implores.

Adam’s joined Lily to say that he knows Chelsea better than Billy. I know what I’m doing when it comes to her. Glad to hear it, Lily couldn’t care less. Finishing her drink, she leaves.

Told that the Newmans support Vikki’s decision, Nate knows family comes first for her. But, I just betrayed mine. You’re loyal to me; you’re a good man with drive – and that’s just the kind of person Vikki wants to surround herself with.

Nate regrets not listening to Elena (and everyone else) I endangered the company Devon and Neil built. If you want a good man running your company, I’m not the right choice, he tells Vikki.

Billy steps up onto the ledge with Chelsea. I just want to be alone, she pleads. Billy’s not going anywhere – this is our place. Talk to me. It hurts so much, Chelsea doesn’t want to wake up anymore. This is payback for what I did to you, to Adam, Rey – I’ve burned too many people to deserve happiness. Connor thinks I don’t love him. Billy’s pep talk works – until it doesn’t. Tell Johnny I slipped, she whispers before disappearing over the edge.

Managing to wrestle Chelsea off the ledge, Billy holds her tightly as they land with a thud on their backs.

Vikki knows that Nate regrets betraying his family. It’ll take time to work through that. But, hear this; you’re one of the best men I know, Vikki knows that Nate’s strong, brilliant. You’re an asset, not a liability. What do you want? she asks.

Adam leaves a message for Chelsea – he hopes she went back to her room to get some rest.

Cocooned in Billy’s coat, Chelsea’s so tired – Adam wants me to get help; to ship me off. I’m not going anywhere, Billy reiterates. Chelsea was so hurt by his rejection (after she kissed him) You were right – I’m not made for the corporate world. I’m here for you, he holds her.

When Vikki once again asks Nate what he wants, he’s decided that what he wants is to be CEO of Newman Media.

Finding Billy with his arms wrapped around Chelsea, Adam’s alarmed. Are you OK? Go! I’ll explain later, Billy shields Chelsea with his body as he leads her to the stairs. Adam’s left puzzled and alone on the roof.