Monday, October 31st, 2022

Back inside the bar, Adam tattles to Lily – Chelsea’s upset and it’s obviously something Billy said to her.

Billy gently sits Chelsea down in her suite, removes her boots and puts her phone on silent. She doesn’t want to go for a drive or food. Just leave me alone – let me go,

Abby’s not happy to find Chance at CL’s. If his stake out ended early, he should have come home, she fumes.

Vikki and Nate have just finished jotting his employee contract down on a cocktail napkin when Devon arrives in time to see them toast to his new job. You’ve gotta be kidding me, he scoffs.

Billy’s not going anywhere – and that makes Chelsea furious. Yes, she’s in pain but she was about to put a stop to that (until Billy took that away from her)

Chance just wanted a bit of peace and quiet. And you couldn’t get that at home? Abby’s annoyed.

Something’s going on with the mother of my child – Adam grills Lily. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Billy – or Chelsea (and wouldn’t say if she did)

Chelsea’s irritated by Billy’s concern and honesty. Too bad – he’s not leaving. Chelsea confides that she hears voices. Connor and Johnny are better off without me. The world’s better off without me. Adam knocks and calls her name.

Just let me know you’re alright, Adam calls out then texts. Billy also ignores Adam. He whispers that the only thing that matters right now is on this side of the door.

This is the job – Chance doesn’t get to decide when crimes will be committed in GC. And you don’t get disappointed – you get resentful. Abby wants to go home – Chance wants to stay at CL’s and talk about this.

Devon knows Nate’s new job is payment (for betraying his family) You traded your integrity and COO position for a CEO position. It’s also obvious to Devon that Vikki’s the CEO Nate’s been colluding with.

No sign of Adam, Billy comes in to report. He confides that he sometimes still sees Delia. It helps to talk about it. Naw, Chelsea’s tired. Billy tucks her into bed and finally sheds a few tears of his own.

You’re the CEO Nate was working with, Devon knows the Newmans are famous for moves like this. This is how you’re honouring Neil’s memory?

Abby goes over their history (mostly of what a patient and supportive wife she’s been) Chance doesn’t think she’s being honest with herself about accepting his return to work.

Chance wants to be open and honest – resentment’s building on both sides (you don’t accept my hours etc. You like being married to an agent – but not anything that goes along with the job, You don’t get to tell me how I feel, she bolts.

Neil would realize it’s business, not personal, Vikki’s sure. Strongly disagreeing, Devon tells her to watch her back. Good luck, are his final words.

When Chelsea falls asleep, Billy calls to summon Sharon. After promising not to mention it to anyone, she’s questioned by Adam.

Sharon’s sure Adam will hear from Chelsea eventually. She can’t fall off the grid, Adam whines – and how’s Billy involved? Sharon’s sorry but has to go.

Back at Society, Nate fears this isn’t over. It is for you and me, and Vikki has no regrets about hiring him. Watching them leave, Devon pulls out his phone – open to Amanda’s number. When Abby sends lemons tumbling, Devon asks how she is.

On the phone, Lily’s not happy to hear that Billy’s to handle something that’s going on with Chelsea. Sharon’s here – gotta go. He explains finding Chelsea about to end her life by jumping off the roof.

What do you do when life hands you lemons? Devon asks. Throw them on the ground and cry, Abby replies (then accepts a hug)

Sharon asks a few questions – the next 72 hours will be critical. We have to get Chelsea into a facility, they agree. Billy felt helpless when Delia died – and felt that again tonight with Chelsea. He won’t let that happen. When Chelsea wakes up. Sharon plays the Rey card. Let us help you. Chelsea nods.

Call 988 for free confidential help if you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts. You are not alone.