Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Kyle and Summer are telling Jack how much they and Harrison enjoyed Costa Rica when Ashley appears to ask ‘You haven’t told them yet’? There’s some developments with your Mother and Tucker.

Diane marches over to Tucker’s table at Society – save your threats and accusations, I have too much at stake to give up now.

Packing up her things. Sally leaves another message for Chloe (which is who Adam’s looking for. Instead he’s stunned to hear that she and Sally have been let go) Did Nick have a say in this? he wonders.

At the office, Nick’s whining about Sally and Chloe being fired. Vikki stands her ground; she has concerns about his objectivity and provoking Adam.

Victor welcomes Ashley and Phyllis to the ranch, then leaves the beautiful and unlikely alliance to their meeting about Diane. Good luck. Phyllis and Nikki are eager to hear what news Ashley’s brought them.

Kyle and Summer are stunned to hear that Diane was fed the info on Ally in exchange for giving Tucker info on Ashley. Is Jack’s source reliable? Yes, your Mother.

Nick believes his perspective is clearer than Vikki’s. She doesn’t regret her decision – it’s what’s right for Newman Media. Victor arrives to agree,

Sally informs Adam that Nick tried to save her job, not that it’s any of his business. It is, he offers her a job at Jabot/Marchetti (which she declines) Good luck, Adam pauses at the door before leaving.

Phyllis and Nikki are stunned to hear that Diane was indeed connected to Tucker. We got her, girls. Ashley doesn’t look as convinced.

Back at Society, Tucker almost apologizes. Told that she tanked half of his dream, Diane’s curious – what was the other part of your dream?

Listing reasons why Nate should replace Sally, Victor makes it clear that he doesn’t approve of Nick dating her. Nick’s annoyed that she’s been fired for personal reasons. HE keeps his personal life separate.

Phyllis and Nikki agree that Tucker must have wanted more from Diane – and pressure Ashley to relay Jack’s reaction to her confession.

Kyle’s most troubled that his Mother wormed her way into Harrison’s life – she swore we knew everything but lied to us every day. She had no choice, Jack claims.

Astounded to hear that Diane still has a hold on Jack, Nikki and Phyllis are even more determined to get her out of town.

Jack relays Diane’s story to Kyle and Summer; Jeremy Stark, then Tucker blackmailing her. Kyle’s understandably still hurt that his Mother lied to him.

Back at Society, Diane reminds Tucker that she was never in a position to access Jabot’s financials. Why would you want to make a move on Ashley’s company anyway?

On the patio, Adam leaves another message for Chloe then instigates a confrontation with Nick. We’re not that different; capable of anything in the heat of the moment. Sally appears to referee the ‘gentlemen’.

Mocking Nick’s furrowed brow and puppy-dog eyes, Adam leaves to attend to more important matters. Sally impresses Nick with her resilience. He’s sorry and would do anything to help her.

As Jack continues, Summer’s troubled to hear that her Mom’s been actively digging into Diane’s story. She’s also been lying to us.

Back at the ranch, Nikki and Phyllis are sure that there’s more to the story; something Jack couldn’t forgive Diane for. Phyllis leaves (guessing she’ll have to be the one to nail Diane once and for all)

Nick lets Sally know that he’s sticking up for her to his family but wasn’t able to save her job. She declines his help (as she did Adam’s)

Poor Diane, Tucker scoffs – it must be agonizing, constantly looking over your shoulder.

Kyle feels bad that two powerful men used his Mom – but she still lied. So did my Mom, Summer whines. On cue, Phyllis drops by Jack’s. I’m not the bad guy, kids. Told you so! What are you gonna do about Diane?