Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

After a talk with the facility staff, Sharon joins Billy in Chelsea’s room. Initially silent and unresponsive, she panics when realizing where she is.

At CW, Devon updates Lily that Nate’s got a new job – running Newman Media for Vikki.

Nate’s surprised when Elena lets herself into the penthouse. I missed you – a lot. She informs him that she didn’t take the job in Baltimore.

Having the day off school, Connor’s with his Dad at CL’s – wondering why he isn’t with Mom.

Adam explains that he hasn’t been able to reach Mom – she’s probably sleeping. Connor wants to tell her that he and Johnny agreed that they overreacted to the news that they’re brothers.

Elena wants to see if they can make things work. Does Nate have time to talk now? Yes, nothing is more important than working things out – so much has changed since you’ve been gone.

As Sharon gives them space, Billy assures Chelsea that she’s where she needs to be and that he’ll be with her every step of the way. I’m not going anywhere, he vows.

Devon and Lily are now sure that Vikki’s the CEO Nate was conspiring with. Lily wants her brother to consider the possibility that Nate’s right that Devon has lingering issues re: Neil’s death.

Putting the Nate issue aside, Lily and Devon reminisce about Neil (complete with flashbacks) Both have regrets for basically being a-holes to him.

Thinking is Mom might be avoiding him, Connor wishes he could make it up to her (for the harsh things she said) Adam’s at a loss for words.

Sharon promises Chelsea confidentiality – her and Billy’s focus right now is helping her become stable by Thanksgiving so that she can spend time with Connor (Now, I’m no psychologist but putting a time frame on recovery doesn’t seem like a good idea)

When Jean comes in to do an intake interview, Chelsea declines Billy’s offer to stick around. In the hallway, Sharon tells him that Adam may not be responsible for Chelsea’s ‘condition’. He is Connor’s Father after all.

Nate updates Elena that he and Devon haven’t made any progress. It’s not all his fault, Nate admits that he never fully forgave Devon for the injury that ended his medical career. He now sees what Elena was trying to tell him and must live with the guilt of betraying his family.