Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

At the Glam Club, Nick wonders why Summer looks so glum. No details – just more drama with Diane.

Kyle’s cold with his Mother at Jabot. Yes, we DO need to talk – in private – at the house, he walks away.

With a sigh (at Society’s bar) Ashley flashes back to her last conversation with Tucker.

At CL’s, Phyllis gloats about being right about Diane lying through her teeth. Why isn’t Jack angry? He isn’t pleased with either of them.

When Summer immediately ‘goes there’ about Sally, Nick informs that she and Chloe no longer work at Newman. She’s thrilled to hear that her Dad and Sally are ‘on a break’.

Jack and Phyllis continue to butt heads over Diane. You all should have listened to me – I knew this would happen, Phyllis thinks they should all move forward. Diane needs to leave town before more secrets come out. When Jack marches out, Phyllis follows – OMG, Diane’s got you totally sucked in, hasn’t she?

At the house, Diane hopes Kyle will understand – she explains why she had to go along with Tucker’s plan. She had no ill intention. Kyle’s understandably devastated – you broke my trust. He has no idea if they can go back to the way things were.

At Society, Ashley continues to reflect on her last conversation with Tucker. On cue, he shows up to ask if she’s alright.

You’re entitled to your feelings, Diane allows. She confessed because her secret was eating her alive. Kyle suspects it’s because Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley found out.

Still at Society, Phyllis claims that she only wanted to help everyone. Jack’s not buying it – we both know it’s more than that.

Tucker quips that smugness is part of his charm. Ashley has been thinking about him – and indeed has come to some conclusions.

Jack won’t let Phyllis paint herself as the noble hero. Diane leaving would upset his son and grandson. When Summer arrives on the patio, Jack claims that they aren’t seeing eye to eye. Hoping cooler heads prevail, he leaves.

Kyle reminds his Mother that she promised never to keep anything from him. Diane made a spontaneous decision to confess. She feared that Kyle learning the truth would end their relationship. My love for you is endless, she whimpers.