Friday, November 4th, 2022

Kyle and Summer rush in. And though Diane’s thanked for calling them right away, her blathering on that she’d do anything to protect Harrison is ignored and she’s not invited to join them and the pediatrician upstairs.

At Society, Mike’s trying to enjoy his dinner as Lauren blasts him for supporting Diane – I don’t get it. I don’t get it either, Phyllis appears to add. Mike chews.

Devon’s at home, agonizing as he remembers (via flashback) how supportive Neil was of him. Should I have supported Nate the way Neil did me? he wonders. Abby drops by with Dominic (she heard he was looking for her at Society) How can I help?

At the ranch, Victor asks Nikki for an update on Diane (which yes, he probably already knows as much as she does – humour me) Nikki does so – Ashley will use Tucker’s obsession with her to get info out of him.

Dom napping in his playpen, Devon shares his thoughts with Abby. Perhaps he does have an issue with sharing his Dad’s legacy; putting up an invisible wall. What’s wrong with that? Abby asks.

Phyllis and Lauren tag team Mike until he’s thankfully summoned away by text – the boss needs me; gotta run, duty calls. Your treat, he kisses Lauren on the top of the head and leaves Phyllis to fume – we have not one but two troublemakers in town.

By the time Jack comes home, Harrison’s feeling a little better. He could have contracted something in Costa Rica. Kyle hates to think they infected him on the honeymoon. Neither of you is to blame, Diane chimes in. We know, Summer snarls. Though it’s made clear that Diane’s not welcome to join them at the hospital (for tests) Harrison wants his DD to come.

Please DD, Harrison wails. Kyle will take Diane with them to Memorial; Summer will go with Jack to get some work done at Jabot. When Diane thanks Summer and hopes they can talk later, Summer glares at her and walks out.

Back at Society, Lauren and Phyllis are on the same page. Diane’s winning Jack over – she’s in it for the long game, Phyllis is starting to wonder if she came for Jack, not Kyle.

Nikki’s sick of having to think about Diane and Tucker. Victor suggests she let it go – his men will take it from here. Victor doesn’t care if Diane hooks up with Jack but will step in if she harms Summer or Harrison.