Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

After meeting his team, Nate continues to impress Vikki. Elena appears to comment Beautiful office.

Bumping into Nick at CL’s, Sally makes it clear that she’s still confused. So, you miss Adam, he guesses. I miss YOU, she corrects.

Abby’s truly sorry and full of regret – we weren’t thinking. I was in a rough spot after you didn’t come home last night. It came out of nowhere. No – Chance as been seeing it for a long time. This was inevitable.

After Vikki discreetly leaves, Nate’s happy Elena came by.

Now updated that Adam lost Sally to Nick, Jack understands the tension. He’s had a similar experience with Billy.

Nick misses Sally too -but wants all of her. She knows what she wants.

Devon and I have only been friends, Abby insists. He’s there for Dom and. He never tells us work means more.

Devon’s trying to piece together how this happened but won’t make excuses. Amanda’s glad it happened this way. I can finally leave town without a backward glance.

Elena’s not sure they can get back to where they were – but when Nate’s determined to prove he’s the man she fell in love with, she comes over to kiss him.

Was Abby supposed to turn down Devon’s support for her and Dom? Chance could see that she was growing closer to Devon while drifting away from him. He left a message saying he wanted to fix things. He wants to make someone happy by being himself – that’s not what we have.

At least Amanda has her stuff packed still – she can march away from Devon’s good guy act. My family needs my support – you clearly don’t. Oh, and I was just aross the all defending you to Nate while you were rolling around with Abby. Sure, maybe Devon does love Amanda, but it’s not the kind of love she’s looking for.

Realizing how much Adam loves Sally, Jack encourages him to find a way to show her.

Sally wants a drama-free relationship. Adam is conflict – she needs stability. Makes perfect sense to Nick.

While Chance leaves to get some time and space, Amanda isn’t swayed by Devon’s declaration of love. Hearing Dom cry, she says ‘go to your son – he needs your love. If you go to your son’s Mother too, that’s OK. I have a life to get back to, she slams out.