Monday, November 7th, 2022

Devon and Abby are kissing passionately when Nate appears to greet her. Keys in hands, Amanda gives a brief update on her Mom’s condition then steps goes across the hall to Nate’s. She needs to speak to him – it’s important.

At Society, Chance leaves Abby a message. He’s sorry he didn’t come home last night. After some thinking, he’s decided he wants to fix whatever’s broken between them. Back at the penthouse, Devon and Abby are still joined at the lips as clothes come off.

Sounding annoyed, Lily leaves Devon a message. We’re down two COO’s and there’s a lot of work to do. Ester brings Lily coffee then returns to her desk to inform ‘Ms Co-Owner’ that she’s the new receptionist.

At Society, Vikki tells Billy that Johnny’s conversation with Connor at the sleepover has changed things.

Chelsea’s pacing when a smiling Dr Malone arrives to ask if she’s ready for her first therapy session.

Having heard the lecture on betrayal, right and wrong already, Nate really has to get going. Fine, Amanda has something else to discuss.

Hearing that Billy’s not at CW, and neither’s Devon, Jill wonders where the hell everybody is. I’ll find out for myself, she marches into Lily’s office to make it clear that she’s pissed off that it’s not all hands on deck.

Figuring Johnny was reluctant to talk to her because she’s ‘Mom’, Vikki would indeed appreciate Billy talking to him. Are you cool with this whole Chelsea thing? he asks.

Guessing she has nothing left to lose, Chelsea tells Dr Malone how she ‘feels right now’. Ashamed, embarrassed, etc. Dr Malone gently leads the session with an anecdote about herself before gently coaxing Chelsea to share.

On the verge of tears, Chelsea describes running on empty – maybe for years – running from her emotions since she was young by keeping busy, running cons, dramatic relationships – anything to not stop and feel. The other night, she couldn’t take the pain any longer.

OK, for the sake of argument, let’s say Vikki isn’t the CEO Nate just went to work for – the risk to him and company X is the same. What risk? Nate feels Amanda’s warning is late and pointless. OK, fine – business aspect aside, do you have any idea how deeply you hurt Devon? she wonders is he plans to make things right with him.

Vikki’s job is to parent Johnny – she feels it right to leave it up to him whether he wants to connect with Chelsea. Sorry if she’s having trouble dealing with it – but is Billy trying to make Vikki feel guilty? No, he feels guilty and should have handled it differently.

After gushing about Dom ‘the little dumpling’, Ester’s sent to answer a phone Jill hears ringing. Where’s Billy? Jill won’t let Lily off the hook – where is your COO? She’s stunned to hear that Billy resigned.