Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

What the hell?! Amanda glares at Devon. Chance immediately storms out. Scrambling for her clothes, Abby call out his name.

Jack and Adam arrive at Society cracking jokes but clam up when looking over to see Nick staring at them – and he’s not laughing.

Vikki’s all smiles when showing Nate to his new office – until she sees Sally’s packing up her desk. You must be my replacement, she assumes.

Help the lady find her clothes, Amanda spots Abby’s shirt thrown off by the stairs, or was it stripped off teasingly? Don’t do that, Devon has the nerve to say. The elevator doors close on Chance just before Abby runs into the hallway.

After the usual veiled insults between him and his brother, Adam shrugs it off and asks Jack what this meeting’s about.

Welcoming Nate, Sally has nothing against him, And he wishes her nothing but the best. Taking Nate to show him around, Vikki hopes Sally’s gone by the time they get back.

Devon doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Amanda would like an answer to that too. we’ll talk AFTER you put your damn clothes on!

Back at Society. Adam updates Jack on the whole Johnny, Connor, Chelsea thing. If Billy’s involved, Jack’s sure he’s trying to help. be patient. Waiting is how Adam lost Sally.

Reading a note from Nick, then one from Adam, Sally drops both back into her cardboard box, forces back tears, and leaves her office for the last time.

Please hear me out – please let me explain, Abby catches up with Chance at home.

Devon’s sorry to hear that Naya’s not recovering well. So sorry you slept with Abby? Amanda will have to spend more time in Virginia and thought she owed it to Devon to tell him herself.

Amanda had no idea this was going on. How long? This is the first time. Just my lucky timimg- how could you do this to me? Again?