Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

I got here as fast as I could! Phyllis is let into Amanda’s suite – to hear that she caught Devon with Abby.

Things are extremely awkward when Abby stops by to ask Devon if Dom’s ready to go. No, and he thinks she should come in to talk.

At Jack’s, Diane flashes back to kissing him. What’s wrong? he appears to snap her out of it.

Day 1 of challenge accepted – Tucker’s at Jabot to give Ashley an envelope that should prove he’s on her side.

Ashley opens the fancy envelope and reads a glossy print-out from the GC Chronicle. Convicted Felon Jeremy Stark Released From Prison Four Years Early (which he claims is connected to Diane)

Diane relays good news – Harrison had a virus but is on the mend. Kyle and Summer are upstairs with him now. Appreciating Jack’s offer to drive her back to Jabot, she hopes they can start fresh – again.

No, Abby’s not OK. Chance is questioning our whole relationship. It doesn’t matter that we only cheated once – he’s no longer sure he’s the right person for me. Did things go any better with Amanda? she asks Devon.

Phyllis is astounded – were they … ? Yes – they were having sex. Yes, Chance knows – he was blown away too. Phyllis won’t let Amanda think she’s not enough – maybe it’s a colossal mistake you can all move past.

Drinking tiny bottles from the minibar, Amanda plans to go back to Virginia – for good. No, no, Phyllis won’t hear of it. You’re a power player at CW. Amanda has no intention of staying there. She wants to go take care of her Mother.

Abby’s sorry to hear that Amanda’s going to Virginia – maybe for good. Is there any way we can salvage this? she appeals to Devon.

Jack’s only concern is how Kyle feels. Diane has good news then – Kyle understands why I did what I did.

On the elevator, Tucker tells Ashley that in LA, Jerry was Diane’s meal ticket – she was a piece of work who had expensive taste.

The article Tucker’s given Ashley is a piece of the story she withheld from Kyle and Jack – or maybe they kept it from you. He tells Ashley about Diane being used to transport money all over the world. If you want to put the fear of God into Diane and get rid of her, this is how you do it.