Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Bright and early, Sally encounters Adam at Society. After some positive affirmation about her job prospects, he confides that he still hasn’t heard from Chelsea. I hope she’s OK.

Chelsea tells Dr Malone that she didn’t sleep well – she’s been thinking about how she got to this place and what she needs to do next.

Sharon’s summoned Billy to CL’s for an update; Chelsea might be ready to talk to Adam. She can tell that Billy has reservations about bringing him in.

At CL’s, Jill gripes about Billy not being there to discuss the future of the company. When Lily explains that he’s helping a friend, Jill’s not impressed to hear that it’s Chelsea.

Arriving at CL’s, Audra watches Noah and Ally joking and kissing before he heads off to the club. Hey, she says as he passes by. When Noah exits without responding, she follows.

Back on the patio, Sharon spells out what they should tell Connor; his Mom’s getting the help she needs. Billy looks unsettled.

Adam feels that Sharon and Billy know what’s going on with Chelsea and are keeping it from him. On cue, he gets a text from Billy. He wants to meet. Sally hopes he gets the answers he’s looking for (then is left to look deeply impacted by their talk)

Joining Sharon and Billy on the patio, Adam’s pissed that he’s been kept in the dark. Taking the high road, Billy’s just trying to do the right thing. Sharon defends Billy – he’s the one person Chelsea trusts right now; we’re all trying to work together.

Noah’s fiddling with candles when Audra appears at the Glam Club to ask when he’ll stop punishing her.

Lily’s not threatened by Chelsea at all – it seems that she’s become a mission for Billy while he’s on his quest for self-fulfillment. When Billy arrives to apologize for being late, Lily leaves Jill to bark ‘what the hell’s going on with you!?’

Noah doesn’t appreciate Audra trying to insinuate herself into his life. She doesn’t appreciate his ‘mean’ tone. You don’t seem harsh with your new girlfriend but you don’t seem excited either, she notes. Just tell me what you want, Noah cuts her off.

Sorry that he’s not passionate about working at CW and that he’s letting Lily and his Mother down, Billy tells her to ‘have at it’.

Choking back her emotion when Adam enters her room, Chelsea clings to him (as he does her) In tears, neither say a word.