Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Chelsea never doubted that Adam would take good care of Connor. She describes how adrift she’s felt since Rey died, and everything that’s gone wrong since. In tears, she confesses that she wanted it all to go away. Adam thanks God that Billy was on the rooftop and is glad she’s there and getting the help she needs.

Jill loves Billy – you’re brilliant but when will you figure out who you are? Can’t I be a work in progress? Billy quips. Still determined to take Chancellor public, Jill lectures him about staying engaged. She doesn’t want him to regret wasting time chasing after something that doesn’t exist. Lily hopes she didn’t come back too soon. I’ll be in touch, Jill leaves Billy to sigh – that went about as good as it could have. Lily wants to talk about Chelsea.

Audra believes the passion she and Noah shared comes only once in a lifetime. You told me nothing would keep us apart. Those afternoons tangled up in each other meant nothing? It wasn’t worth it, Noah shouts. It had to have mattered – because of the baby, Audra whispers.

What baby? Noah’s puzzled. Audra found out that she was pregnant towards the end of their relationship but didn’t want him to think she was using the pregnancy as emotional blackmail so didn’t tell him. I lost the baby, I lost you.

Back at CW, Lily hopes Billy no longer has to make himself available for Chelsea 24/7. Does your concern for her well-being have to do with rubbing it in Adam’s face that you’re the only one who can help Chelsea? Billy has no desire to play the hero, but he does know what it’s like to have no one to turn to.

Adam’s not angry – you must have been in so much pain. You’re a good Mother, he reassures Chelsea. Connor’s a great kid, because of you. You can trust me, he encourages her to confide in him.

Spotting Jill’s arrival at Society, Sally pretends to be on the phone with someone trying to hire her. Thanks for reaching out to me. Jill cackles – was that performance for my benefit?

Audra sits to mope about going through the most difficult time of her life alone. She needs to know she didn’t go through the pain and loss because of someone who never gave a damn about her. I’m so sorry, Noah hugs her. Ally walks in.

Sally could tell Jill that she was talking to a recruiter but that’s not the truth. Yes, her reputation does proceed her. You’re as brazen as I was led to believe, Jill wonders not why Sally was fired, but rather, how she lasted as long as she did at Newman Media. Yes, Sally could find the time to have a chat.

Chelsea’s talked out from therapy. OK, we can just sit here – Adam offers support, day or night. You’ve got a lot of goodness in you, Chelsea just asks him to take care of Connor, adding that Sharon and Billy are helping her.

Yes, Billy felt that loneliness BEFORE he was with Lily; he hasn’t felt that way in a long time. He knows Lily would support him but that doesn’t mean she could relate. The darkness is hard to explain to those who haven’t experienced it. You feel a sense of responsibility to help someone to the other side. I get it, Lily’s near tears.

Next Week. I’m gonna keep pushing until you tell me what it is, Mariah says. Chance didn’t come home last night, Abby admits….. You saved Connor’s Mother’s life, I will never forget that, Adam says. Billy feels a ‘but’ coming. What does your continued role in Chelsea’s recovery really mean? Adam then asks … Kyle asks Diane if she helped put Stark in jail.