Friday, November 11th, 2022

Ashley’s summoned Nikki and Phyllis to the house to relay what Tucker told her – Diane was moving cash for Jeremy Stark who, coincidentally, will be released from prison soon.

At Jabot, Diane reads news of Jeremy’s release on her phone. When Kyle appears to ask if she’s alright, she asks if he has a moment to talk.

Summer joins Jack at Society. After an update on Harrison, she has to ask him how he feels about the latest Diane revelation. Jack has one word – exhausted.

Devon comes home to find Amanda packing the rest of her things. She’s resigning from CW and returning to Virginia. Devon wants to talk – maybe we can work this out.

Mariah stops by the house with a present for Dom and exciting news (she and Tessa are on the path to adoption) Asked what’s wrong, Abby confides that Chance didn’t come home last night.

So THIS is what Tucker’s been holding over Diane’s head, Nikki reads the article then passes it to Phyllis. Ashley tried to tell Jack but he told her to back off. We’ve GOT to nail Diane this time.

Back at Society, Summer’s just as exhausted as Jack (and can no longer trust Diane) Even if her crimes were behind her – who’s to say they won’t resurface to put Harrison in danger?

Kyle thinks it natural that Diane’s lost their trust a little. He’s still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt though. Near tears, Diane can’t live under constant scrutiny and suspicion – maybe it’s time for me to go.

There’s nothing left to talk about. She believes Devon’s fling with Abby was spontaneous – but you could have put a stop to it. She’s come to the conclusion that Devon (whether he knows it or not) has a deep connection to Abby.

At CL’s, Sharon doesn’t mean to pry – but suggests to Chance that his work is what’s causing tension for Abby.

Another stakeout? Mariah was hoping Chance’s hours would ease up – guess he just loves his job (like Rey) Mariah confides that part of her is happy that Tessa’s not on tour. It’s nice not to play second fiddle. It sucks that Chance puts his work over Abby and Dom. It’s causing problems in our marriage, Abby admits.