Friday, November 11th, 2022

Diane continues to rant to Kyle – my adversaries are trying to run me out of town.

No, there’s no proof that Diane broke the law. No, Ashley’s not being played or softening towards Tucker – I’ve got him eating out of the palm of my hand. Phyllis wants to confront Diane – put the fear of God into that bitch.

Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley are driving Diane crazy – her nerves are shot. I can’t take it anymore – I’m ready to throw in the towel. You’re not a quitter, Kyle wonders if the ladies or Tucker did something.

Amanda’s not taking the blame for Devon cheating – but maybe her absence paved the way.I can’t believe I didn’t see it – you share a child. How could I not see it? Amanda’s annoyed with herself.

Abby doesn’t understand how Chance can put so much focus on work – am I expecting too much? His priorities are the problem. Mariah knows he’s dedicated to his career. Where does this leave us? Abby worries.

Chance tells Sharon that Abby doesn’t get who he really is; just an unrealistic fantasy of the man she wants him to be. He can’t be that man; doesn’t want to be that man.

Sharon makes an observation – nobody can make someone change. Some people will always want what someone can’t give them. Chance appreciates her candor.

Still at Society, Jack agrees that Kyle seems ‘whole’ with his Mother back in his life. We’ll have his back, he reassures Summer.

Diane shows Kyle the article on her phone (of Jeremy’s release) She’s sure Tucker will blab to Ashley and cohorts. What if Jeremy comes after me, thinking I put him in jail? Did you? Kyle asks.

Amanda saw a change in Devon when Dom was born. I’ll never be enough to fill that space in your heart. Your love for me wasn’t strong enough to stop you from being with Abby.

Mariah leaves when Chance comes home. An emotional Abby hopes they can work things out. What happened with Devon was a terrible mistake.

If Diane knows Jeremy’s being released she might be terrified. Maybe she can be scared into thinking he’s coming after her. Then the three ladies will be rid of Diane for good.

Yes, Diane helped the feds put Jeremy away. He might be waiting for revenge – Ashley, Nikki and Phyllis could light the match. Kyle won’t let anyone hurt his Mother. The Abbotts protect their own ~hug~

Ashley thinks they should have Victor’s guys find some evidence tying Diane to Jeremy’s crimes. The three agree on a plan – it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with Ms Jenkins.

No, Diane hasn’t told Jack that she helped put Jeremy away. Summer and Phyllis can’t know this – this is the right way to handle it. When Summer and Jack arrive, Diane exits without a word. In the hallway, she gets a text from Ashley – come to the house, something to discuss – come alone.

Amanda just wants to pack alone and leave – it’s over! There’s no coming back from this. Devon never meant to hurt her and hates that he did. I still love you. On the other side of the door, he shakes his head. Inside, Amanda sits on the couch to cry.

It’s too late, Chance says it’s too late to work through this. Without anger, he tells Abby that Devon’s the man for her. It’s over. In disbelief, Abby cries.

** A few weeks ago, the show ended by encouraging anyone struggling with mental health issues to call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988. One of our dear readers informed me that you can also send a text to 988 (a method used by 75% of those who reach out) And on this Remembrance/Veterans Day, it seems a good time to add that by identifying yourself as a U.S. military veteran, you will be routed to services specific to Vets. This crisis line can also be reached via text: 838255. Thanks to Kim and the daughter she must be incredibly proud of.