Monday, November 14th, 2022

At home, Abby pleads and negotiates with Chance. He won’t budge; he’s faced the fact that it’s over and she should too.

Moping around the penthouse, Devon sends a message to Amanda. Please don’t leave, we can fix this.

In his suite at TGP, Tucker can’t wait to hear Audra’s ideas on how to move on CW. Uh, she prefers the term ‘liaison’ to ‘mole’ and doesn’t seem to have a plan or any info on Jabot’s financials. Tucker wonders if there’s some problem he doesn’t know about.

What was so urgent? Diane’s invited in by Ashley (where Nikki and Phyllis, the ‘hyenas’, await) The topic is soon-to-be-released felon Jeremy Stark. He might also be wondering why Diane wasn’t sent to prison too.

Diane declares the idea of her moving money around for Jeremy Stark ‘ridiculous’. She mocks Ashley for falling for Tucker’s lies – again. We’re done here! Phyllis blocks Diane’s escape – what makes you think we don’t have proof of your crimes?

Lily pauses the message she’s leaving for Amanda when she spots an email from her. She’s stunned to read that it’s a letter of resignation.

As Abby continues to grovel, Chance takes partial blame – he knew this was coming but avoided bringing it up. Are you really suggesting our marriage is over? Abby just can’t take a hint.

Abby’s not ready to give up on Chance after all they’ve been through. Chance concludes that he can’t be the man she desires. Pulling his hands from hers, he thinks it best they make a clean break. You’re gonna walk out on our family? What about Dominic? Abby weeps.

Lily reads Amanda’s resignation letter out loud then wastes no time calling Devon. Yes, he knew about it. What the hell is going on!? Lily demands to know.

Tucker questions Audra’s focus – is Noah an issue? Absolutely not, she claims his plan is too ambitious – you want too much.

Diane’s not intimidated by the ‘busybodies’ or Victor’s ‘guys’. If you had anything you’d have gone to the feds already. Reminding that Jeremy Stark’s being released after 6 years in prison, Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley threaten to tell him where Diane is.