Monday, November 14th, 2022

Believe it not, I regret the things I’ve done and have changed, Diane shrieks. Why are the three of you forgiven and I’m not? I haven’t done anything to any of you (since I’ve been back) Diane will put up with their allegations because she loves her son! Kyle’s our family – we protect our own, Phyllis points out. Diane can only be pushed so far. I’m better than you at playing dirty – leave me the hell alone or I’ll turn the tables on you so fast your heads will spin. Wow, Nikki silently mouths after Diane slams out.

Coming over to sit beside Audra, Tucker finds ambition a turn-on – I thought you felt the same way. He wants his son and the love of his life working with him. You mean FOR you, Audra corrects. Tucker’s disappointed in her lack of faith – you obviously don’t know me very well.

Of course, Chance wants to be part of Dom’s life. We can still ba a family. How can you be so rational? Abby wishes he’d yell at her – show me you have some feelings. Unable to comfort Abby, Chance leaves her to sob.

When Devon comes to her office, Lily rants about Amanda leaving – timing couldn’t be worse! Are you OK? What happened? she asks.

Devon won’t stand in Amanda’s way – she wants to be with her family in Virginia. When he doesn’t take her up on her suggestion to go with Amanda, Lily an tell that something’s going on. When you’re ready, I’m here.

Tucker leaves Ashley a message; wondering if she used the info he gave her and how it went. On cue, Diane shouts and bangs on the door, then barges inside to blast him.

Sitting on a park bench, Devon flashes back to how he and Abby ended up in each other’s arms. Oh look – here’s Chance.

Devon’s sure Chance doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say – but, it wasn’t planned. Chance disagrees but it doesn’t matter – betrayal and infidelity don’t just happen. You made a choice and have to live with it. Devon hopes it won’t affect Dominic and that Chance forgives Abby. That’s none of your damn business, Chance walks off.

Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki discuss Diane lashing out because she’s sweating bullets at the thought of Jeremy Stark coming after her. That said, we can’t fall into one of Tucker’s traps. All eyes are on Ashley.

Tucker puts his feet up and reclines. Seemingly almost bored by Diane’s outburst, he just reported the facts. His priority is to make Ashley happy. You going away would do it. Go off the grid. No – the more everyone pushes the more Diane will fight to stay with her family! Once again, she slams a door.

Tucker leaves another message for Ashley – Diane’s so entertaining when she’s riled up. He counts on her to be as unpredictable as ever.

Diane’s frustrated to find Jack’s office empty. I need to see you, she sends a text.

Ashley just got a vm from Tucker. Diane went to see him. Do more of whatever it is he finds attractive, Pyllis gestures her hand around. get info out of Tucker. We need to know how to get in touch with Jeremy Stark. Ashley then gets a text from Abby. Mom, I need you.

Abby looks at the baby monitor and sobs some more.

Chance is staring at his beer at Society.