Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

When Adam drops by, Chelsea informs that she’s being released. Gently declining his offer to help her find a new place to live (rather than the hotel she tried to jump off) Her focus now is seeing Connor.

At CL’s, Sharon tells Billy that Chelsea’s being released. He also thinks she should leave TGP. Sharon agrees and already has a solution.

Chloe and Sally meet in the park to brainstorm how to create their own opportunity. Spotting Nick, Chloe thinks they should accept his offer to help and waves him over.

Adam thinks it too soon to tell Connor exactly what happened. Think about what’s best for him, he implores of Chelsea.

Squirming as Chloe practically begs Nick for a job, Sally finally interrupts – we said we’d figure this out on our own. Nick would like to hear what Chloe has to say.

Mariah and Tessa are moving to the tackhouse so Sharon’s offering the apartment upstairs to Chelsea. Billy’s impressed. She feels it’s the right thing to do (and what Rey would want)

Connor has to know what happened and he has to hear it from me, Chelsea worries he’ll hear gossip. My therapist agrees. His objection overruled, Adam’s also annoyed to hear that Sharon and Billy will be the ones helping Chelsea.

Chelsea needs to be the one to tell Connor the truth – she needs to show him that it’s not his fault. Dr Malone opens her notepad. Let’s discuss how to do that.

At CL’s, Adam would rather speak to Sharon alone but goes ahead to say that Chelsea wants to tell Connor. He feels they should wait. Sharon thinks they should be open and honest. Billy agrees. Now Adam wants a word with Billy – alone.

When Chloe makes a case for Nick asking Summer to hire them, Sally jumps in – dial it back, NOW.

Sally would never ask Summer for a job (I was horrible to her and Kyle) Nick doesn’t ask Summer for favours but has a better idea. He’ll lend them money to start their own label.